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Whatever your Dependency, let's DETOX it! Step into 2022 with an ELEVATED MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. Let Candace Blair & Keith's Cacao be your guides on this transformational immersion….

Be Supported in Community as you DETOX & ELEVATE this January, this is for you if....

There is something in your life you are dependant on (social media, alcohol, sugar, people-pleasing, other toxic behaviour) and you are ready to move past it once and for all.

✨ You are ready to anchor in all of the personal and spiritual development work you've been learning, it's time to embody it!

✨ You have repeatedly tried to overcome your dependencies on your own, and are calling in support and community.

✨ You are aware of self-sabotaging behaviours, and are looking for new tools and healing modalities for support.

✨ You have given your power away to forces external, and are ready to cultivate power from within.

✨ You are ready for fundamental changes in your life, and are committed to do whatever it takes!

✨ You have a strong desire to make 2022 your best year yet elevated in mind, body and spirit.

✨ Your life feels out of balance or overwhelming, and you want to step into ease, grace and flow.

Meet Your Guide, Candace Blair

SURRENDER what no longer serves and step into 2022 feeling...

This 30-Day DETOX & ELEVATE Immersion Includes:

A Peek Inside...

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