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The Keith’s Cacao Love Immersion is facilitated by Keith's Cacao Practitioners Beau Bowker & Ianthi Sparsis, based on the teachings of Keith Wilson. 

Starts March 14th, 2023

This is a call to open your heart, reconnect with your soul, and immerse yourself in love

If you desire to deepen your relationship with Love itself and love of Self, this Keith’s Cacao Immersion will take you to the depths of intimacy with yourself and your current or future partner.

Whether you enter this container on your own, with a partner, or with the desire to connect with a partner in the future, this Immersion is a journey of remembrance – a remembering that love is your true essence. 

With the support of Ceremonial Cacao’s heart-opening energy, you will be guided into deep inner and relational work to clear away stories that no longer serve your highest good. 

Are you ready to show up for yourself, and others, as the essence of Love? 

This Immersion is for you if you are interested in:

• Identifying and releasing blocks that keep you from receiving the love you desire

• Deepening your relationship and intimacy with self and partner

• Grounding and embodying love as a way of being

• Recentering back into your heart-space

• Becoming an energetic match with divine love

• Reconnecting with Source, opening your heart, and clearing the mind and its stories

Meet Your Facilitators

Ianthi Sparsis

Ianthi Sparsis is a Cacao Practitioner, Chakradance facilitator, and Reiki Master, with many years of training in meditation, embodiment work, shamanic rites, and the ancient practices of women frame drummers. 

Beau Bowker

Beau Bowker is an Energy Worker, Breathwork Guide & Keith's Cacao Practitioner. He is led by a deep calling to help others find their true essence, feel their power, and free their Spirit. 

Join us for a 20-day exploration in defining, healing, revealing and emanating Divine Love.

Whether you are calling in divine partnership or already in a relationship and looking to make it more conscious and aligned, this Immersion is for you!

Do you find yourself…?

  • Blaming, miscommunicating, or unable to express emotions within the context of relationships
  • Struggling to let down your guard and be fully 'seen,' or are finding it hard to connect with your partner
  • Having difficulty finding time and space to revitalize the relationship
  • With limiting beliefs around worthiness and deservingness when it comes to attracting your ideal match and/or allowing love in
  • Lacking clear boundaries around what you are available for or not
  • Lacking resonance or being out of energetic alignment with your partner (or desired partner)
  • Having trouble forgiving and letting go of people and situations from your past
  • Having difficulty communicating openly and in a non-triggered state
  • Finding it hard to determine what is true and what are patterns and projections within the relationship dynamic
  • Repeating old family stories and themes around love and relationship that no longer serve you or your lineage

This Immersion will help you become the love you seek by reconnecting to Source, opening your heart, clearing away stories that no longer serve your highest good, and allowing you to show up for yourself and your relationship as your essence, which is love.

Become the love you desire, open your heart, and amplify love's vibration

By the end of the Immersion, you will have a deeper understanding of your relationship with love and how it relates to self so that you can experience love, no matter what your relationship status is.

The Love Immersion includes:

A Peek Inside...

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