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Whatever your relationship status, whether already in divine partnership or looking to call one in, if you are desiring to deepen your relationship with Love, this Cacao Immersion will take you to new levels and depths of intimacy with yourself and your current or future partner.

This Immersion is for you if you are interested in:

• Identifying and releasing blocks that keep you from receiving the love you desire

• Deepening your relationship and intimacy with self and partner

• Grounding and embodying love as a way of being

• Recentering back into your heart-space

• Becoming an energetic match with divine love

• Reconnecting with Source, opening your heart, and clearing the mind and its stories

So often, in the context of relationships, we find ourselves blaming, miscommunicating or unable to express our true emotions openly in a non-triggered way. We struggle to let down our guard and be fully ‘seen,' finding it hard to connect with our partner. Or, we knowingly or unknowingly nurture such limiting beliefs around worthiness and deservingness when it comes to attracting a loving partner, that we do not allow love in.

It is time to move past all this! This Immersion will give you the time and space to energetically realign and come into resonance with Love and Partnership. With Ceremonial Cacao as your guide, supporter and ally, and the loving facilitation of Beau and Ianthi, you can allow yourself to leave behind old family stories and recurring themes and patterns around love and relationship that no longer serve you. When you forgive and let go of people and situations from your past, you can discern what is really true and what is but a mere projection within relationship dynamics. You can define and set much clearer boundaries around what you are available for, and what you aren't. Clearing away the fog and returning to your true state of being that is Love. Allow Love flow to you, freely, effortlessly, unconditionally. You deserve that!

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By the end of the immersion you will:

The Love in the Spiritual Relationship Immersion includes:

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