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Meet Homecoming 2022 Presenter Gustavo IK

Keith’s Cacao is bursting with excitement for Homecoming 2022 - an extraordinary week-long retreat taking place in the Guatemalan mountainside of Lake Atitlan, exclusively prepared and executed for lovers of Cacao. This one-of-a-kind retreat will see transformational leaders, beloved practitioners, and cacao lovers from all over the world fly to join in co-creating community, inspiration, and life-changing experiences.

Among the incredible team of presenters who will be guiding us deeper into our connection with Cacao during this week is cacao practitioner and visioneer Gustavo IK. 

Becoming More Present and Opening Hearts

Despite initial skepticism about Cacao and the miraculous stories he heard, Gustavo’s world was blown open when, following the encouragement of a friend, he met ‘The Chocolate Shaman’ Keith Wilson in Guatemala some ten years ago. From his own lived experience, Gustavo believes that Cacao can teach you anything that you are open to receiving and also giving.

Today, Gustavo generously shares the gentle medicine of Cacao at his heart-led offerings for all who are willing to receive its wisdom and magic. His mission of continually becoming more present with each passing day enables him to create his life following his own intuition while inspiring the awakening of others, one heart at a time.

Native Traditions and The New Beams of Light

Gustavo is passionate about blending traditional practices with new light energies. He believes that combining transformational modalities from every age awakens us to a timeline of infinite possibilities and abundance. Acknowledging the importance of duality, which celebrates every aspect of life - highs and lows, death and birth, darkness and light - Gustavo looks forward to sharing with us how to embrace every facet of life through his medicinal offerings of music and sound.

Drawing from his invaluable tools from sacred traditions, Gustavo will elevate our week-long journey through a powerful ceremony aptly named ‘Native Traditions and The New Beams of Light.’ In this, Gustavo will lead us through a celebration of life on earth with the help of the healing sounds of transformational medicine music to invoke a connection with the spirit world. While intended to warm and fuel our own heartfelt dreams, each sacred prayer is also an offering of appreciation, gratitude, and welcoming to the spirits that will be supporting our immersive adventure.

Combining sacred song, invocation prayer, and transmutational meditation with the magic of Keith’s Cacao will undoubtedly be a transformative experience for all that are lucky enough to join us for Homecoming of March 2022. We are wholeheartedly excited for the medicine that this wise, generous man holds and are incredibly grateful for Gustavo’s gifts and his willingness to kindly and passionately share them with us all.

The Homecoming 2022 Retreatis a 7-Day Immersive Experience in the Heart of Guatemala for Lovers of Keith's Cacao. An informative & expansive journey Home to the land and origin of Cacao, it offers opportunities to meet the locals, hike in the rainforests, harvest fresh Cacao, tour Keith's workshop, learn how the world's finest Ceremonial Cacao is made, deepen your ceremonial practice, and connect with your Cacao family! Join us!

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