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Cacao practitioner | Ceremonial cacao | Homecoming | Shamanic journey

Meet Homecoming 2022 Presenter Nicole Gnutzman

Homecoming 2022, the one-of-a-kind transformational retreat for lovers of Keith's Cacao in the Guatemalan mountainside, is just around the corner. Between tropical rainforest tours, sacred fire ceremonies, ecstatic dances, and of course Cacao Ceremonies with Keith Wilson himself, this unmissable immersion will undoubtedly uplift, expand and inspire each cacao-fuelled heart in attendance. 

We are delighted to introduce the presenters who will be co-creating each energizing day with their unique Ceremonies and Workshops, beginning with Nicole Gnutzman - Shamanic Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and Healing Guide. Nicole's mission is to bring forth our loving, luminous nature, and her work involves guiding spiritual journeys of healing and transformation. Living with a deeply intentional connection to higher realms of consciousness, Nicole is excited to share her unique essence of magic with us all.  

Cacao, Shamanic Journeying, and Spiritual Coaching

Alongside the use of Keith's Cacao and other plant medicines, paramount to Nicole's work is creating an intentional relationship with spirit guides, ancestors, and ethereal, unseen but unconditionally loving forces. Using transformational modalities such as soothing meditation, shamanic drumming, and reiki healing, Nicole guides participants through powerful lucid dreaming states, where transmutational states of consciousness can be accessed, unconscious patterns and beliefs released, and triggers healed. 

Nicole will bring her love, light, and joyful energy to San Marcos - a place that feels like a second home to her. Opening sacred space in her uniquely powerful way, she will lead us into a journey of empowerment with Cacao, sharing inspiring stories, delightful anecdotes, and guided guidance questions that will undoubtedly touch our hearts and open our minds.

Nicole's Personal Journey with Cacao

Nicole's relationship with the spiritual realms didn't develop until her early forties. For eighteen years, she had a successful career as a Corporate Executive. Her daily life consisted of business meetings and hectic schedules that left her body feeling drained, her mind exhausted, and spirit dry. Setting the intention to 'find a hobby,' as possible medicine for her soul, Nicole instinctively recognized and was drawn to the power of Ceremonial Cacao while watching a movie - the famous 'Chocolat.'  

There is a short scene in this chocolate-filled movie, which made Nicole's eyes light up. One character, traveling through Central America to work with plant medicines, is seen drinking a cup of Cacao and being told by a Mayan woman that, "Cacao unlocks hidden yearnings and reveals destinies." This line spoke to Nicole's most precious, forgotten inner layers, and it was as though she had come in direct communication with the Cacao Spirit herself.

Wanting to learn more about Cacao, Nicole became a Certified Chocolatier, which taught her about its origin while making artisanal chocolate to pair with indulgent wines. Leaving her corporate career to pursue chocolate-making brought back Nicole's joie de vivre, which amplified as soon as she discovered Keith's Cacao a few years later while working with a Shamanic Healer. Cacao transformed Nicole's life by opening her heart wide enough to release the emotional burdens she had unknowingly been carrying, all the while wrapped inside an energetic bubble of unconditional love and support. Receiving more truth, clarity, and guidance as time went on, Nicole then began sharing the magic of Cacao and Shamanic Healing with others that sought the same feeling of purpose, joy, and fulfillment in their lives. 

"As I share in my Cacao medicine journeys, Cacao brings you the 'medicine' - the teachings, wisdom, guidance, and healing - you most need at that moment. All you have to do is open, allow, and receive. Then, integrate and embody what you have received so you can share your love, shine your light and be your joy." 

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your magic with the world! 

The Homecoming 2022 Retreatis a 7-Day Immersive Experience in the Heart of Guatemala for Lovers of Keith's Cacao. An informative & expansive journey Home to the land and origin of Cacao, it offers opportunities to meet the locals, hike in the rainforests, harvest fresh Cacao, tour Keith's workshop, learn how the world's finest Ceremonial Cacao is made, deepen your ceremonial practice, and connect with your Cacao family! Join us!

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