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Cacao practitioner | Ceremonial cacao | Homecoming

Meet Homecoming 2022 Presenter Thomas Owen

With Homecoming '22 coming up in less than a month, we are thrilled to introduce our incredibly musically-gifted host Thomas Owen. Thomas is an integrative sound practitioner, ceremony facilitator, and sound therapist, who utilizes the alchemy of sound, Cacao, and ceremony to bring forth our multidimensional selves.

Initially led to Guatemala on a whim, Thomas has been intentionally guiding groups through sacred pilgrimages of remembrance for several years now. Through his 'Sound of Light - Mystery School,' he invites people to remember their universal, expansive nature as they awaken to the multidimensional world already alive within them.  

Cacao Dreams & Visions

After experiencing burnout from his role as a Training Consultant & Political Activist for a successful NGO, Thomas was spontaneously guided toward Central America over a decade ago. Once in Lake Atitlan, his life path changed unexpectedly from the first cup of Cacao. In that very first ceremony led by Keith Wilson, "a smiling 'Gandalf-type' figure," tears filled his eyes as he experienced instant recognition and belonging.

Drinking Cacao, Thomas received visions of himself leading groups of people while playing instruments for the first time. Fascinated by what he saw, Thomas began to follow the cookie-crumb trail of sound and Cacao as though being summoned by a mysterious force to make this dream a reality. After that, he would continually find himself in the presence of instruments that had appeared in his dreams the previous night. He has been visited by guides, spirits, and extraterrestrial beings, ensuring that sound is a gateway to multiple timelines of consciousness. By playing sound, he was never alone. 

The Alchemy of Sound and Cacao

With an instantaneous ability to play the musical instruments around him, Thomas has since been leading people into states of profoundly altered consciousness through the alchemy of Cacao and sound. He shares that there is a difference between listening to a good piece of music versus music that has been infused with higher dimensional energy. "When we sing sacred mantras or tones, it's like we have a radio station where we can tune into a specific frequency. Then we are in a field of consciousness that comes through very strongly: a multidimensional healing space." 

Thomas' sound healing journeys continually bring people into a deep hypnotic state, accessing childhood memories and even alternate lives within other dimensions. Working within a group setting, they access healing that enables them to heal from traumatic wounds while building a sense of tribal community akin to their true nature. 

Thomas also trains people to liberate their voices, so that they can become clear channels of consciousness and be of service to their multidimensional selves. Clearing the all too common 'junk' and conditioning within their beings, they are empowered to become a more authentic expression of who they really are. 

Accessing our Multidimensional Selves

In Thomas's understanding, we are not linear humans that simply experience birth and death. Rather, we are multidimensional beings, already present in different realities at every moment. Combining heart-opening Cacao and his alchemical sound work, Thomas helps people remember why they chose to come to earth in the first place. In essence, he guides people into a state of remembrance of their life path and mission. 

Thomas is thrilled to be returning to Lake Atitlan for Homecoming 22, to hold space for us to access our multidimensional nature in an embodied, juicy and joyful way, and give us practical tools to integrate the magic of sound into our daily practice with Cacao.

You can follow Thomas' journey on FacebookInstagram and on hiswebsite. Better still, get your tickets for Homecoming '22 to meet him in person! We would love to see you there! 

The Homecoming 2022 Retreat is a 7-Day Immersive Experience in the Heart of Guatemala for Lovers of Keith's Cacao. An informative & expansive journey Home to the land and origin of Cacao, it offers opportunities to meet the locals, hike in the rainforests, harvest fresh Cacao, tour Keith's workshop, learn how the world's finest Ceremonial Cacao is made, deepen your ceremonial practice, and connect with your Cacao family! Join us!

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