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Enter to win a block of Keith's Cacao and see what all the buzz is about!

The winner will be drawn on the 1st of each month and notified by email.

The winner will receive one block of Ceremonial Cacao by mail (shipping cost included)

The giveaway winner must provide email address, mailing address and phone number in order to receive Cacao

This giveaway is for those new to Keith's Cacao and only one entry a month is permitted.

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Why Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao is a mood-booster, energy-enhancer and creativity activator and is a great coffee alternative!

Ceremonial Cacao is a superfood that enhances any life activity. It is very low in caffeine and is activated by theobromine which gives a sustained energy boost. Because Cacao is packed with so many antioxidants, alongside an infusion of magic such as Anandamide (the ‘Bliss’ chemical) and Phenylethylamine (the body’s ‘natural Ecstasy’), it is becoming a popular coffee-alternative for those looking to enhance their spiritual, mental and physical state.

Keith's Cacao | The Original and World's Finest

Keith's Cacao was founded by Keith Wilson, aka The Chocolate Shaman, in the early 2000's when Keith connected with Spirit of Cacao while travelling in the San Marcos La Laguna area of Guatemala.

Today, Keith continues to run the Keith's Cacao workshop in Guatemala assisted by 20 local families who prepare Cacao in the traditional way. The beans are toasted, hand-peeled, milled, blessed, bagged and shipped around the world.

We are excited for you to see what all the buzz is about, and experience the magic of Ceremonial Cacao yourself!

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