Keith's Ceremony Schedule

While at home in San Marcos la Laguna, Keith maintains a schedule of two ceremonies per week (all times local):

Sunday: 12:30 PM

Wednesday: 12:30 PM


  • No ceremonies February 6th - 18th, 2020. 
  • Wednesday March 4th Ceremony at La Paz - Join our Homecoming Guests!
  • Sunday March 8th Ceremony at La Paz - Join our Homecoming Guests!
  • Online Ceremony March 17th - Reserve your ticket
  • No ceremonies March 22nd - 31st, 2020
  • Online Ceremony April 4th - Reserve your ticket
  • No ceremonies April 9th - 28th, 2020


Cost per person is Q200, regulars Q100

Reservations are not necessary – all are welcome!  Ceremonies last from 5 to 6 hours and you are welcome to leave at any time.  Cacao is offered to all but is optional.

We recommend that you bring water, a wrap or jacket, it gets cool later in the afternoon and rain gear during the rainy season.  Keith advises against caffeine, animal dairy or eating a heavy meal prior to ceremony. 

Ceremony participants can purchase up to three bricks (454g each) of Keith's Cacao for Q100 per brick.

Keith describes his ceremonies as “a school for training in ‘How to get out of your own way.’”

While ceremonies can cover many different things, here is some background on the types of teachings Keith has focused on:

The Art of Ascension

Go to Glow Meditation

Audio Courses and Meditations 

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