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Keith Wilson's Online Ceremony Schedule

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman, and his partner, Barbara, host twice-weekly Global Cacao Ceremonies via Zoom.  Held every Wednesday and Saturday (specific start time is listed with each ticket option), these online ceremonies are offered on a pay what you can afford basis. 

Keith will lead us in sharing a cup of Ceremonial Grade Cacao and offer his intuitive guidance to all who wish to receive. Keith has been working with Cacao and helping people "get out of their own way," in these unique group processing sessions for over 2 decades.  Keith's Ceremonies can last for as many as 15 hours!  However, you are welcome to come and go as you like.

Please register for your ticket here 

Keith only host's in-person ceremonies on an very limited basis now.  Typically, only at the annual Homecoming Retreat and on rare occasions for small groups, in private.  Please email info@keithscacao.com to inquire about an in-person ceremony with Keith.

If you are visiting San Marcos La Laguna and want to attend an in-person Cacao Ceremony, where they serve Keith's Cacao, we highly recommend the weekly ceremonies at the beautiful lakeside platform at the Black Lotus

Learn more about Keith's unique version of a Cacao Ceremony by watching the video below.

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