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Meditations on ZOOM

Each meditation takes place on Zoom every first Tuesday at 12pm EST/ 6pm CET. Join from anywhere in the world!

Allow for 90 minutes

Each intuitive healing and Cacao ceremony will go for about 75-90 minutes leaving time for discussion and Cacao drinking!

Intuitively Guided Healings

No session will be the same. Marie tunes into the energy of the group and the Spirit of Cacao to guide the session, every month is different!


Connect with your Keith's Cacao community during each of these events!

"The guided session with Marie Casparsson was a memorable experience. I found Marie’s style to be friendly, skillful, grounded, colorful, and imaginative. The connectedness, safety, and trust that she emanates made it possible for me to journey to the essence of things, right through some old demons that I met along the way. Marie and Cacao complement each other very elegantly and eloquently. "

Rob Danen (Cacao Rob)

Intuitive Healing + Cacao is for those who are:

Looking to gently heal, shift patterns and release density and blockages

Looking to quiet their mind and access a deeper level of awareness

Looking to open up to greater trust and kindness

Seeking deeper levels of transformation in their lives

Interested in cultivating a stronger connection to the Spirit of Cacao

Wanting to reduce the "external" noise of life and orient themselves inwards

Seeking the answer to the question, "Who am I?"

Each Intuitive Healing & Cacao Ceremony Includes:

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