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Yoga & Cacao is for you if you are:

• Desiring wholeness- uniting body, mind, spirit through a heart-opening yoga practice.

• Interested in exploring your essence and discovering your true potential.

• Looking to create balance in your life through activating the energies of Shiva and Shakti (masculine & feminine).

• Desiring to move more gracefully throughout your day, centered in your heart.

• Wanting to feel more, breath deeper, move more blockages.

• Looking for a yoga practice that combines activating poses and deep rest.

• Looking for a fun and powerful way to combine yoga with the heart medicine of Ceremonial Cacao!


What are the details?

Sessions on ZOOM

Each yoga class takes place on Zoom every second Wednesday at 12pm EST/6pm CET. Join from anywhere in the world!

Allow for 90 minutes

Each yoga class will go for about 75-90 minutes leaving time for yoga nidra, discussion and Cacao drinking!

Beginners welcome!

Anahata yoga is great for beginners as well as those with previous yoga experience.


Connect with your Keith's Cacao community during each of these events!

Working with Cacao in our Yoga practice helps us relax our nervous system and open the blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow more freely. As we breathe, our active breath brings more oxygen to the brain, making us feel energized, alert and attentive.

Each Yoga & Cacao Experience Includes:

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