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Breathwork & Cacao with Beau

Experience a heart-opening combination of Ceremonial Cacao and Beau Bowkers revolutionary breathwork experience.

$ 30.00 USD

A mug of Keith's Cacao and Beau Bowker's revolutionary approach to Breathwork is a remarkable combination.  These live, bi-monthly, 90-minute sessions will help you reconnect and refresh and often assist in clearing difficult emotions.  

Breathwork & Cacao with Beau is an opportunity to pause, get out of your head and into your heart.  Many of us have been conditioned to believe our value comes only from working harder, and we never feel like we are doing enough.  This spiral of stress creates anxiety, worry, fear, depression, physical pain, and exhaustion.  Through combing Keith's Cacao & Breathwork, we can begin to release this dense belief system and its symptoms.  We can give ourselves the opportunity to free our minds, relax our bodies, and refresh our souls. 

What to Expect

Breathwork facilitator, Keith’s Cacao Practitioner, and energy worker Beau Bowker, opens this offering with a sacred Cacao Ceremony, setting us up for a powerful pranayama breathwork journey. Following breathwork, there will be an integration opportunity to ask questions or share your experience.  

All sessions take place on ZOOM at 9 am Pacific (Los Angeles time)

A REPLAY video will be provided to all who purchase this event. 

What is Breathwork?

The power of the breath allows you to activate and open your cardio-vascular system to allow your life force energy to expand and move more freely through your body. When this happens, your body and your soul are able to heal and expand.

Breathwork opens the heart on the
physiological andmetaphysical level. 
This practice relieves stress, anxiety, anger, depression, fear and other heavy emotions. By releasing low vibrations stored in different areas of the body, breathwork enables us to access joy, peace, love, and expanded consciousness.

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