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Breathwork & Cacao with Beau

Join Beau Bowker twice each month for a Breathwork & Cacao experience and get out of your head and into your heart! These 90-minute sessions are a perfect way to slow down, dump the over-doing anxiety and refresh!

$ 30.00 USD

Join us bi-monthly for a Breathwork & Cacao journey led by Breathwork Guide, Cacao Practitioner & Energy Worker Beau Bowker.

A REPLAY video will be provided to all who purchase this event.  

These 90-minute Breathwork & Cacao experiences offer an opportunity to sit in community, get out of your head and into your heart. This world often conditions us to believe that we are never doing enough. This belief mires us in a cycle of stress, anxiety, worry, fear, depression, physical pain, and tiredness. When we release these dense energy forms, we free our mind, body, and soul to be renewed, rise, and feel fully free.

Join Beau for Breathwork & Cacao to break this cycle and find out how 90 minutes twice a month can make a world of difference in your life! A REPLAY video will be provided to all who purchase this event.  

Read more about this experience and Beau's journey with Cacao and Breath.

All sessions take place on ZOOM at 9 am PST (Los Angeles time)


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