Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith

Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 1Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 2Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 3Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 4Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 5Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith
Product image 6Global Cacao Ceremony with Keith

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Cacao Ceremony for a Cause

It's our mission at Keith's Cacao to not only produce the world's best Ceremonial Grade Cacao, but also ensure that the local communities who work with us benefit from our cacao sales. In San Marcos La Laguna, a village largely dependent upon tourism, many of the local people are struggling and challenged by the spread of the pandemic.

During this time of global pandemic, Keith has moved these online gatherings from ticketed events to solely donation-based ceremonies. All proceeds are now being donated to our COVID-19 relief efforts in Guatemala:

Your contributions will go directly to the local people in San Marcos La Laguna, personally distributed by Keith and Barbara. This emergency funding will help those families in need with food, utilities, and medical needs.


Keith, the world’s Chocolate Shaman, will lead us in sharing a cup of cacao and offer his intuitive guidance to all who wish to receive. With his many years of experience in counseling, meditation, and a natural ability to help others along their healing journey, Keith has provided life-changing ceremonies for guests worldwide.


  • Anyone who has questions about 100% pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao and its life-enhancing benefits for health and spiritual wellness.

  • Motivated participants working towards “getting out of their way” as they strive to unlock their potential and move toward their best life - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Those struggling with their personal relationships or connections with others.

  • People looking to grow their own empathetic nature.

The ceremony will open with the tradition of drinking cacao together and move toward a shared meditation and opportunity for participants to work with Keith directly. All are welcome, and we hope you’ll choose to join us for this exciting opportunity to receive the sacred blessings of cacao and give back to the community.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have any Keith’s Cacao on hand, please purchase at least a week in advance so we can get it to you. We don’t want you to miss out on this incredible virtual experience.

Each ticket reserves your space on this private Zoom video-conference call. With your purchase, you will receive the event sign-in credentials and instructions via email. Please be sure to place this event in your calendar; we’re excited to share this time with you. Please note that all donations are final, and no refunds will be available.

Join us today and help us be a blessing in the middle of this coronavirus outbreak.

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