Keith's Cacao Immersion: A 22-Day Journey to Deeper Trust (May 2021)

Product image 1Keith's Cacao Immersion: A 22-Day Journey to Deeper Trust (May 2021)
Product image 2Keith's Cacao Immersion: A 22-Day Journey to Deeper Trust (May 2021)
Product image 3Keith's Cacao Immersion: A 22-Day Journey to Deeper Trust (May 2021)

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A 22-day journey to deeper Trust


Through guided daily practice, live group sessions, and ceremonial work with cacao, you will deepen your relationship with this sacred teacher plant and learn how to trust more deeply.

We provide everything you need for your journey with us; 2-bricks of Keith's Cacao (included with purchase), daily email guidance, three live zoom calls, a community forum and the leadership of Nicole Gnutzman, Director of Course Design for Keith's Cacao, XX years shamanic practitioner, Keith's Cacao Practitioner and former chocolatier.

This Keith’s Cacao Immersion is an intentional, 22-day program for up to 18 participants designed to deepen your trust and support you in:

  • Being more confident and feeling empowered
  • Freeing yourself from self-doubt
  • Observing and calming the inner critic
  • Feeling more compassion for yourself
  • Accessing or renewing your creativity
  • Dissolving fear of uncertainty
  • Opening yourself to deeper self-exploration and discovery.

Experience 22 days of immersive cacao-fueled learning and growth! We guide you through:

cacao immersion prep
daily practice cacao integration

How you will be guided:

  • Powerful daily practices delivered via email
  • Guidance on creating sacred space in your own home
  • Recipes to make a delicious cacao drink
  • Setting a powerful intention for your practice
  • How to hold your own personal cacao ceremonies
  • Questions for reflection to integrate your experience

Additional LIVE and VIRTUAL guidance:

  • Orientation & Intention Setting Group Session on Zoom
  • Private Cacao Immersion Facebook Community
  • Online resources with recipes, intention setting instructions, meditations, personal ceremony videos, and music playlists (on Spotify and Apple Music)
  • Mid-Immersion Support Session on Zoom
  • Integration Group Session on Zoom

During your cacao immersion you will:

  • Connect to your heart space
  • Deepen trust and inner knowing
  • Release negative energy and blocks
  • Experience a sense of oneness

Your immersion includes:

  • Interaction and guidance from Nicole Gnutzman, Director of Course Design and an experienced Cacao Practitioner
  • Live Group Initiation and Intention Setting Session on Zoom
  • Online support materials with intention setting guidance, recipes, and practices
  • Daily practice emails with meditations, music, and additional resources
  • Journaling prompts and questions for reflection and integration
  • 2 Cacao ceremonies with opening invocation, guided meditations with Keith, and playlists for personal ceremony to be held in your own home
  • Midpoint Live Group Support Session on Zoom
  • Private Facebook Group for community and support questions
  • Live Group Integration Session on Zoom to integrate the messages and lessons.

Orientation and Intention Setting Session:

Friday, May 14, 2021 @ 9:00AM PST (12PM New York, 5PM Paris)

Immersion Check-In Session:

Friday, May 21, 2021 @ 9:00AM PST (12PM New York, 5PM Paris)

Integration Session:

Tuesday June 1, 2021 @ 9:00AM PST (12PM New York, 5PM Paris)


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