Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":

Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":
Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":
Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":
Product image 1Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":
Product image 2Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":
Product image 3Keith's Cacao Presents: "Chrysalis 2020":

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January 19, 2020

Together, we will call in the “spirit of cacao” inviting the sacred goddess to support us on our journey, as we clear the mind, body & spirit in preparation for the dawning of a new decade and the emergence of a NEW YOU!

Release: Let go of the past, emotional traumas & pain. Break free of old habits & destructive patterns.

Transform: Transmute negative energy, clear & cleanse the chakras, create space for love & positivity!

Manifest:  Be a visionary! Open your heart & fly into 2020 with clear intentions and bold resolutions. 

You will leave the ceremony transformed and emboldened to follow your dreams, to embrace your hearts desires, and empowered to be your best self.  

Be sure to add some 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao to your cart before you checkout!!

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January 19, 2020: Global Start Times:

  • Los Angeles: 10AM
  • New York: 1PM
  • London: 6PM
  • Paris: 7PM
  • Doha: 9PM

Find your local time here.

Candace’s Personal Story of Transformation:

I was introduced to the wonders of Cacao & Kundalini Yoga, eight years ago and they have quite literally changed my life. In 2012, I was working as senior investment banking executive in London, engaged in a very masculine world with a work hard, play hard mentality and lifestyle. Make no mistake, I loved it at the time, but while I was thriving financially, I had lost touch with my connection to Mother Earth, my higher consciousness and I had long ago forgotten to nurture my own dear heart & wild feminine nature.

It took some chronic back pain to get me to a healer. He introduced me to the wonders of Kundalini yoga and my teacher, sending my desire to expand on my experiences introduced me to my shaman. And it was there, lying on the floor her small apartment,  that I first experiences the magic of cacao. IN a deep, guided meditation, in sashayed the "Goddess of Cacao" and her divine feminine spirit literally cracked me open and lit my soul on fire! It dawned on me that there was so much more I needed to learn and experience, that another world existed where people sought to live from their heart space, connected to one another and nature, where they thrived on community, service and truth. Even though I was working 60-70 hour weeks, I almost immediately initiated my yoga teacher training and began building a relationship with the shaman who would later certify me as a “Cacaoista”. I started tuning into my creative flow, playing the gong and expressing myself in new ways. And while, all of this work actually made me more successful in my career (never underestimate the power of a shot of cacao & chanting in the loo before a big meeting), it also opened up a whole new world for me to explore, one that resonated with me mind, body & soul. I was compelled to literally change my entire life. 

So, after 21 years embroiled in the world of finance, I left London for a plant medicine training in Ibiza, jungle vipassana in Sri Lanka and ultimately to Keith & Barbara’s porch in Guatemala. I was fully committed to finding a new way to prosper!  I returned to the US and started my own business, Soul Fire Social, which focuses on sharing my passion for Cacao, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing and community work. I truly believe in the power of cacao to release negativity and open up the heart space. I believe this powerful plant medicine is, as Kieth says, the “food for the shift”. She can help light the fire that inspires you to dream big, to seek truth and to live from your heart space with prosperity. She changed my life and she can change yours. Join me in ceremony, and lets see where the Goddess of Cacao take you!

Each ticket reserves your space on this Zoom video-call Webinar.  With your purchase, you will be emailed the event sign-in credentials and instructions.  Be sure to put this information in your calendar.  

Please note that the ceremony will be recorded. 

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