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Intuitive Healing & Cacao with Marie

Join Marie Casparsson for an Intuitive Healing & Cacao Ceremony and bring more light into your life!

$ 15.00 USD

The first Tuesday of the month, access an Intuitive Healing & Cacao Ceremony with Marie Casparsson guided by the Spirit of Cacao!

REPLAY video will be provided to all who purchase this event.  

These 90-minute intuitive guided healing and Cacao ceremony is a great way to shift patterns, heal energetic and emotional blockages and connect deeper with the Spirit of Cacao and your Cacao community!

Each healing session and Cacao ceremony is intuitively guided and based on the energy of the group. No two sessions will be the same!

>> Read more about this experience here. <<

Sessions are the first Tuesday of the month live on ZOOM at 12PM EST/ 6PM CET.

Remember to order your Cacaoat least 7-days before the event!


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