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Ceremonial cacao | Keith's original writings | Keith's wisdom

About What I Do

An explanation of Keith’s work in Keith’s own words

This blog post is an extract from the original writings of Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman.

When not traveling internationally doing ceremonies and sessions, I teach in Guatemala at one of this planet’s 'vortex' energy centers, San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan. I conduct a school for healers, empaths, lightworkers, teachers, creators, and manifesters that does not primarily teach techniques; in such subjects, techniques that you yourself designed to remember rather than learn. I share a do-it-yourself process of getting out of your own way so more of this magic you already are can wake up, be recognized, and play; without the drama, scripts, and stories that can so limit and color it. As those abilities are remembered, I help with the understanding and application and have a porch full of people to experience one's healing magic with.

I am not here to give you answers or tell you the truth. I am here to assist in your understanding and following of an inner process: the flow of your own knowing and being, guided by your Higher Self, so you can clear the densities and open to more of the light you are. In processing your inner issues, I am here to 'watch your back’ to keep an eye out for your 'blind spot’ so that you do not unknowingly slip past something you might otherwise want to be paying attention to.

“You will be guided from within, at levels beyond your conscious awareness, to navigate the depths of some of the experiential rites of passage. The keywords here are trust and surrender.”  Oneness by Rasha

These days, I often see healing modalities emerge that are not taught in any class nor found in any book or webpage – they are too new. So many people have the experience of their own hands tingling, hot and wet with healing energy. I usually mention this to the group, so those who have never recognized the experience, can validate the download of multidimensional potential being morphed by their heart center into a more accessible form and streamed down the arms to be given through the hands as healing light. We make use of this flow and extend it to using the heart center directly, all to assist in the movement of dark shadow density or light shadow expansion within self and others. All this happens at our house, in the school that is known as 'The Porch'.

My ceremonies/classes (3 days a week during the dry season, 2-3 a week in the rainy season when I’m not traveling) provide an opportunity to put these remembered abilities into practice. In the Chocolate Shaman’s school, the chocolate is optional – those who do not wish to use any drug for spiritual purposes do just fine. 

Many spiritual travelers here where I live experience that in the Lake Atitlan ‘vortex’ energy, their stories come up in an accelerated way. They experience lots of drama. Some understand that no one goes wherever one would say we are headed in this Shift while carrying all their emotional and belief system baggage. If you take such unresolved inner issues into the welcoming state of more effortless manifestation, they will more effortlessly manifest.  

I am working all over the world with people, especially artists, teachers, and healers, that are downloading and using a lot of light energies - and they are finding that everything expands: the good gets 'gooder’ and the bad gets ‘badder’. They polarize. They are manifesting intense emotional train wrecks, craziness, or baffling medical symptoms in the projected mirror called reality, just as they are manifesting amazing healing in their clients or art in the world. Assuming, that is, that they remain functional enough to work on those clients. And some don’t, for a while. This will become increasingly common as creators and manifesters, who called to open their abilities further, find it is imperative to get out of their own way by cleaning up their personal inner world.

Working with Empaths

I could put up an entire website on this part of my present work... but first, I need to get one up on Empaths - those who are sponges for the emotional or energetic density of others or of the environment. It's their training in density as expert healers that will be so deeply needed in the near future. Beginning as children, millions of them painfully ate, and many continue to eat, those energies as part of a profound education. So that they may, and it is now time, find empowering and fulfilling ways to continue separating density from individuals, groups, or the environment; however they have specialized. We assist a lot of them here. We now have three videographers at work on a documentary on empaths as training headed for YouTube.

That ‘density’ is increasingly coming ‘up’ because it must, because it’s time, and because you made this choice before you were born. This process will continue to intensify over the next few years. Much of my work is with those who are actively moving their density in order to allow who they are to further awaken and in order to understand the process by doing it. So they may facilitate others through it. Here, the Cacao Spirit offered a partnership in reintroducing the Holy Bean as The Food for the Shift.

You can feel and move your density internally through meditation or processing, or you can objectify it in reality and feel it through trauma, drama, pain, struggle, suffering, and stories. The latter takes longer and is more painful. Either way, the process is mandatory; how and when you do it, is your choice. Cacao can assist in the inner cooperation of connecting to that density, to Higher Self, to guidance, and to the divine light/love energy of transmutation and healing. May we all finish skimming layers, learning non-attachment as we go, by repeatedly objectifying and cycling through our stuff! Cacao can assist beautifully with whatever you wish to be more connected with! It's one of the so many wonderful options available here!

We put into practical use the teachings of many great spiritual mentors and channeled beings: "you create your own reality" (Seth); "reality is feedback - a mirror," "unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you" (A Course in Miracles); "nothing changes until you do" (Lazaris); and "reality is an internally generated hologram" (Lazaris)...

Processing Intuitive Work

Many are not yet ready to go this deep, but more and more people come to the porch every month! Let me be very clear: no one here is going to do it for you, teach you in an instructional manner, or be your guru, though personal assistance will, of course, be given. If you are expecting that someone here (or anywhere) other than you is going to magically change your life, most likely, you're going to be quite disappointed. I'm not here so much to change your life. I'm here to hold space and demonstrate an understanding, which allows you to experience in your own body how that changing is done, so you may continue it for yourself and use it to assist others if that is what you are called to do.

Being here, at the Lake, during the dry season allows me to spend more time, over time, with those committed to changing their personal reality. Much more time with long-term folks - more fun for me!

I share a do-it-yourself process of getting out of your own way so more of the magic you already are can wake up and play. And, in understanding by doing it, you may facilitate others through it. The group of higher beings that taught me also prepared me to teach the second wave of awakeners, so you can, in turn, teach the third wave, who will be coming along soon. This is one place to get your training. In the next few years, with this much acceleration, many more will find themselves in an imperative to release their density and connect with their light. I welcome those who are feeling that imperative now. 

Much of my professional play has been without the Cacao – working with individuals, couples, groups, and communities. Whatever is up! In partnership with Higher Self/Inner Knowing, wherever is needed to go. I gently assist people in going inside, into what is usually called the subconscious and unconscious, to change the energetic and belief patterns that generate experience in and of reality.  

There are various names used for this processing: know thyself, inner work, shadow work, pain body, emotional release… I could be called a processing intuitive. I work within anyone’s belief system; no need for anyone to endorse mine. I follow you. I am interested in achieving practical results that change how one feels and the way one experiences their own life.

As long as your Soul is encouraging you there anyway, why not go with more elegance, prosperity, and expansion, and less pain and struggle? With more density for each of us to feel and release, how about allowing more assistance from your Higher Energies, Higher Self, and your Unseen Friends/Guides?

I have worked extensively with creative people to help them get out of their own way and open more of whatever is theirs. I spend a lot of time on relationship issues. And, certainly, issues of healing and spiritual growth. All those seemingly different manifestations of what one came into this life to move through. 

I have a good friend who writes profusely and deeply about her personal inner experience in her blog, since January 2011, after attending my ceremonies as part of her training and inner education. She has emerged as a talented healer and worker with others’ densities but regularly returns to the porch for more. A healer moves through their heavy load, without which they wouldn't have understood what they decided to know. www.brendalarsen.com 

I have had many, from complete beginners to experienced spiritual travelers, tell me that they did some of their best inner evolution here. This is an experiential, not lecture-based, ongoing intensive where you come and go as you will. Those trapped in the rational mind may find themselves lost, but that is only temporary for many. Regular students who have or discover an ability, and are out of ‘fixing’ others, have the opportunity to develop their skills through assisting in my ceremonies as they continue their own inner journey. Ego, fixing, avoiding your own work by healing others, and guys focused on work with the beautiful ladies, please take it elsewhere; you will get called on it. Those not actively in their own process are expected to hold ‘running light’ space for others. This is a good place for Empaths.

Here we use Empaths and others who have completed their 'training' to assist in density release and use their talents in the reverse direction. From taking in density to taking in higher energies of various sorts, where the receiver just gets it, has an immediate transformation, or moves to a much higher level of release, using joy or such other energies to allow that experience. A channel is a channel, whatever the material or direction. This is an education for those who run such 'light nutrition' and a benefit in acceleration for those on the receiving end. Let's have fun with this. It's time. 

Regression into Childhood Emotions as a Part of the Healing Process

Beyond all the inner child healing essential to inner processing, parts of which we could call regression, there is another level. It may express as pain, confusion, anger, depression/ sadness, hopelessness/futility, disconnection, and more. It may seem new, or you may have been living in it for decades, believing it to be who you are - but it comes from the shutdown experience, from what you went through in the process of accepting the conditioned reality.

I know several people working on this level, so I thought I would add this here. So many in inner work do not initially recognize the rise of these emotions as a journey back through that process, back through the assassination, blockage, loss, or disconnect of self; a journey back to more of who you came in as.

These are the emotions the child experienced upon shutting down their magic and knowing (for some, it was an imposed shutdown), on getting rid, somehow, of who they were, to conform to the consensus reality and be 'loved' by parents. Some go back through that experience to recover the next magic of who they are. Not around it, avoiding it, but through it. Go and sit with the child in those feelings, deeply feeling them while knowing, in non-attachment, that they are not truly yours, not identifying with them as you in your now, but allowing the light/love that transmutes it all.

There is no way to tell you how to do non-attachment other than to say you will go back, again and again, until you are there. But, I can tell you it happens. Imagine yourself watching a movie, where you are completely lost in it as though it were your reality until you no longer know who you are. Non-attachment would be feeling what you feel from the flow of the movie -really feeling it- while knowing that you are viewing a flow of images, not the reality of who you are. 

You have to feel it to allow the energy charge to flow out of you. You may have been feeling and judging it for years, totally believing it to be who you are, but there is more. As you feel it to the bottom or as far as you can go (non-attachment sure helps), you can first allow the divine light/love to transmute the emotional density into white light. And then, you can bring in more light/love to fill the now emptied space. It is this combination of higher energies that heals you. Layer after layer, if that's how it is.

On a higher level, this experience in learning to be non-attached/non-identified while an emotional reality from another time flows through you is essential. Once you have become familiar and unabated by the experience of density release from your own past, you are so much more prepared for the next step of having densities from past lives and parallel selves emerging in the same way as those fragments of your larger entity, parts of your Soul, heal and unify through you.

— Keith Wilson

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