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Frequently Asked Questions


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All About Keith's Cacao:

What is cacao?

What makes Keith’s Cacao “ceremonial grade?"

What is the difference between Keith’s Cacao, cocoa powder, and the types of cacao that I can find at a health food store?

Is Keith’s Cacao raw?

Does Keith's Cacao contain cacao butter?

Why is fermentation an essential step in processing Keith’s Cacao?

Why does Keith's Cacao toast and hand peel their cacao beans?

Does Keith’s Cacao contain caffeine and will it keep me awake at night?

Why does my block of cacao look strange? It is white and crumbly.

Is Keith’s Cacao certified organic and fair trade?

Is 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao safe for pets?

Does Keith’s Cacao expire?

What is the best way to store Keith’s Cacao?

Why does my cacao look wet when I open a new package?

Ceremonial Use of Keith's Cacao:

What is a cacao ceremony?

How much of Keith’s Cacao is considered a ceremonial dose?

What is the best way to prepare Keith’s Cacao to create a ceremonial drink? Are there other ways I can enjoy Keith’s Cacao

What kinds of things might I experience when partaking in a ceremonial dose of Keith’s Cacao?

Is Keith’s Cacao a psychedelic plant medicine?

What is / Who is, the “Cacao Spirit”?

Keith's Cacao and Your Health

Important Health Info about Our Cacao

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