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Cacao for Adventure

Feeling restless after two years of restricted travel and home confinement? Craving novel experiences and adventures? You're not alone! It's high time to start exploring again and open up to new landscapes, perspectives, and potential. Whatever it is you are drawn to - wilderness expeditions, world travel, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, or any other adventure, big or small - this is the perfect time to use Ceremonial Cacao to tune out of the mundane and into a life of vim and vigor. So grab a cup - or thermos - of Keith's Cacao, get set, and go!

Cacao and Adventure - Hearing the Call

Any adventure enthusiast knows that new experiences build character, drive you to discover your courage, and ultimately push you past your limits. An adventure, big or small, will stretch your boundaries. It will inspire you to discover more of who you are and what you're capable of.

And yet it is so easy to get stuck in routine and cast aside our longing for something more for the sake of comfort and convenience. Though the call for adventure continues to bubble up from within, and the burning curiosity and desire to push ourselves is never truly silenced, some of us need the gentle nudge and support of "Mama" Cacao to get unstuck and break out of our comfort zone. Here is how Ceremonial Cacao can fuel and support our experience and adventures.

Ceremonial Cacao - Mental Strength & Resilience for Any Endeavor

Cacao is one of the world's greatest superfoods. It is no coincidence that it has been a staple on all the major expeditions to the North and South Poles for more than a hundred years now! Both nutritionally dense and rich in neurotransmitters, it provides long-lasting energy while also impacting mood, alertness, and concentration.

Cacao's most extraordinary benefit that makes it the ultimate ally in any adventure is that its long-lasting stimulation and creative clarity come without mental fatigue. This is thanks to its main active compound, Theobromine, a gentle cardiovascular stimulant found almost exclusively in Cacao. Theobromine differs from other active stimulants like caffeine, which elicit a response in the central nervous system, creating a 'high' followed by a crash. Instead, Theobromine acts in a gentle and lasting way on the heart.

Although Cacao does contain some caffeine, the beans for Keith's Cacao are consistently and intentionally sourced to have high amounts of Theobromine and extremely low amounts of caffeine. A cup of Keith's Cacao typically contains less caffeine than a decaf coffee. This means you can rely on its gentle, long-lasting effects to carry you through any adventure! Learn more about how the perfect alchemy of neurochemicals and active compounds in Ceremonial Cacao boosts both physical and mental health on our blog: Cacao Benefits: 5 Reasons to Start Drinking Ceremonial Cacao Today

Tuning Into the Flow State and Riding the Bliss Wave

A lot of adventure seekers are in it for the feeling, the rush of adrenaline and endorphins that accompanies each exhilarating expedition. Bringing Ceremonial Cacao along for the ride enhances these feelings of joy and bliss and lets you ride them out for even longer without a crash!

A healthy and resilient nervous system provides a natural high for every adventure. When the thrill seeker inside takes us to the edge, we come up against a potentially life-threatening event, and every cell of our being goes into survival mode. As soon as that moment passes, the body returns to safety, landing in the "phew, I did it!" space. The high activation, muscle tension, and surge of hormones deemed necessary to keep it alive are now replaced by a blissful softening of muscle tissue and a rush of endorphins. Ceremonial Cacao amplifies this process. Its active components phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide - aka the "love chemical" and "bliss molecule" - preserve the body's natural dopamine and induce a state of euphoria.

PEA occurs naturally within the human body. It is elevated when we're captivated by a person or task or find ourselves in a "flow state." When PEA levels are elevated, the receptors in the brain will receive these molecules instead of absorbing dopamine, which leaves more dopamine in the brain. Having more dopamine in the brain can boost our mood, create an enhanced state of well-being, and set the stage for optimal mental performance. Pretty important when on an adventure, wouldn't you say?

As for anandamide, it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in Cacao that acts as a "feel-good" chemical, producing feelings of euphoria and bliss, similar to endorphins. Hence why pairing your endeavors with Keith's Cacao will absolutely boost your bliss levels!

Choose your Next Great Adventure with Keith's Cacao

The spirit of adventure is at the very core of Keith's Cacao. Our founder, Keith Wilson, was a geologist and quite the adventurer. Traveling across the United States, Central, and South America before settling in Guatemala, Keith's ultimate adventure was the one that led him to discover and share Ceremonial Cacao with the world.

Today, around the globe, our talented and growing team of Practitioners is tuning out of the unimpassioned, run-of-the-mill existence and tuning into the high-energy and excitement of life, bringing Keith's Cacao into all kinds of adventures and endeavors. 

Become inspired by Keith's Cacao Practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator Johannes Egberts' story of interweaving Ceremonial Cacao into his work with Breathless Expeditions. Watch this video to see how Johannes combines Keith's Cacao to connect and enhance experiences such as free diving, cold plunging, wilderness expeditions, and breathwork.

If you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and into adventure, get some Keith's Cacao and Tune Out to Tune In with us! 

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