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Cacao & Motherhood: Susy Schieffelin's Story

At 7 months pregnant, Susy MarkoeSchieffelin shares the huge role Keith's Cacao has had in her pregnancy journey.

Choosing Keith's Cacao

There is something about Keith's Cacao that is unlike any other, says L.A.-based Susy Schieffelin. 

Apart from being a mother in the making, Susy is also a Crystal Alchemy Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Cacao Practitioner, and the creator of The Copper Vessel and the Sound Healer's Academy. Keith's Cacao has been the most beautiful and perfect complement to her Sound Healing experiences. 

She loves the way it tastes and the integrity she feels in its energy. And she loves its pure connection to the Spirit of Mama Cacao. 

Cacao for Pregnancy

Mama Cacao has been Susy's companion and aide, "the most beautiful tool" that has helped her connect to her own body and to her baby throughout her pregnancy. 

Helping her stay connected to her heart, Cacao lovingly held her as she "opened to receive and look at all the things that come up in the journey of becoming a mother."

Thus strongly connected and fully present with her body, Susy allowed herself to be intuitively guided on when and how much Cacao to drink. And intends to do the same while breastfeeding.

Blessings to both Susy and baby. We look forward to following the continuation of their beautiful journey with Keith's Cacao.

You can read more about Cacao & Motherhood see here: https://www.keithscacao.com/blogs/kei...

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