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Cacao & Pregnancy: Laura Durban's Journey

Pregnancy is a profound journey, marked by wonder, anticipation, and occasional uncertainty. As expectant mothers navigate this remarkable voyage, they seek solace and support from various sources. Increasingly, Ceremonial Cacao emerges as a natural ally, offering profound benefits for parents-to-be.

Ceremonial Cacao, valued for centuries by indigenous cultures for its nutritional and medicinal properties, is now being rediscovered by modern wellness enthusiasts. Expectant mothers, in particular, are drawn to its therapeutic qualities as they seek holistic approaches to nurture themselves and their growing babies. Laura Durban, a Keith's Cacao Practitioner living in Glastonbury, attests to the profound support Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao provided throughout her transition into motherhood.

Ceremonial Cacao & the Pregnancy Journey

For five years, Ceremonial Cacao had been helping Laura slow down, live a more heart-centred life, alleviate her anxiety, and eliminate sugar from her diet. It wasn't until her initiation into motherhood that she embarked on a whole new journey with it.

Alongside relieving morning sickness, Ceremonial Cacao is ideal for pregnancy's typical troubles of constipation, water retention, and digestive irregularities due to its diuretic nature. Removing excess toxins, salt, and water from our bodies by keeping ourselves regular can help pregnant women with feelings of bloating and discomfort.

On a deeper psycho-spiritual level, Laura received guidance from the Cacao Spirit to explore feeling nauseated by the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy. Drinking it, she was encouraged to become comfortable with discomfort and understand and break through fears about the uncharted journey ahead.

Cacao Pregnancy: The First Trimester

By infusing their days with Keith's Cacao, Laura and her partner carried each other through the changing waves of pregnancy, consciously relating through trials and tribulations. The first trimester saw Laura's sexual appetite decrease, which understandably brought forth feelings of shame, guilt, and confusion. However, as she slowed down and released her own harsh expectations, Laura realized that growing a new life is all that was required of her. 

"It is magical beyond measure to experience a new life growing inside of me."

As Laura's journey progressed, an alchemical union between her pregnancy and Ceremonial Cacao formed, igniting her fire in unexpected ways. Defying the tradition of keeping a pregnancy secret until the 12th week for fear of miscarriage, Laura followed her instinct and shared her news with family and friends as she felt that was the time she needed support from her community the most. Awakening the fierce and protective 'Mother Bear' energy within her, she felt more confident and righteous to speak her truth and stand up for herself.

"It was a balancing act of opening the heart towards limitless possibility & love yet remaining rational and protective over my own experience; what I allowed in, and what (or who) I gave my energy to."

Keith's Cacao: the Perfect Pregnancy Partner

As her bump grew through the trimesters, Laura experienced increased energy levels with the help of Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao. With a future to plan and a childhood to cherish, Laura used her new motivation to trust her heartfelt desires by focusing on soulful work projects. She describes her renewed relationship with Ceremonial Cacao as walking alongside her rather than leading from a few steps ahead.

Expanding her Ceremonial Cacao business, she introduced facilitator training, community membership, online courses, a YouTube channel, and regular ceremonies to infuse the hearts and souls of her local community. Despite being away from family and friends in Germany, Laura found solace in her growing tribe, which continued to nurture and support her dreams.

Throughout her pregnancy, Laura felt a deep spiritual connection with Cacao. It was her anchor, providing strength in moments of triggers and restful pauses during moments of exhaustion. The Spirit of Glastonbury blessed her, and she found solace in her mindful daily practice of sipping Keith's Cacao slowly on the grass, a ritual that connected her to the growing new life inside her.

Ceremonial Cacao encapsulates the essence of motherhood, embodying qualities such as acceptance, curiosity, and a profound surrender to love. Laura, steadfast in her journey through this sacred rite of passage, continues to radiate these virtues. Anticipating her birthing ceremony, where she will partake in a complete ceremonial dose, Laura eagerly awaits the experience, knowing she will be supported by her devoted partner as they co-facilitate this deeply meaningful event.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your pregnancy and cacao journey with us. If you'd like to follow Laura, check out her Facebook and Instagram pages. We wish you a wonderful journey through pregnancy and beyond!

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