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Cacao’s Superfood Secret: the Nutritional Truth of Chocolate

Those who have experienced the magic of Keith's Cacao in a ceremonial setting know it to be a loving spirit guide, gently and intentionally catalyzing an awakening of human consciousness. But even if you are not into any spiritual practice nor interested in ritual and ceremony, you can -and should- still enjoy the original and world's finest Ceremonial Cacao. And here is why: pure Ceremonial Cacao is a super nutritional and versatile food source!

Hence why, more and more Health Practitioners are now incorporating Ceremonial Cacao into their professional practices, encouraging clients to come into a relationship with this medicinal food to benefit from its exceptional nutritional value but also to create better self-connection and understanding of their own bodies' needs.

The Cacao Connection: Bridging the Physical and Mental-Emotional Bodies

Having personal knowledge of the many advantages of high-quality Ceremonial Cacao, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Radiant Health Specialist Andrea Walker uses Keith's Cacao to support her clients' health and help them understand their bodies as mirrors. 

In the holistic model of health, the physical body is seen as a reflection of the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. What this means is that when we are feeling out of alignment in some way, our dis-ease speaks to us through symptoms in the physical body. Issues such as weight regulation, blood-sugar struggles, hormonal problems, nutrient deficiencies, and unhealthy food choices aren't isolated to the presenting symptoms themselves; they also reflect some deeper discomfort beneath the surface. 

Andrea supports her clients to understand that beyond our need for nourishment, sometimes we consume food also as a means to cope with a misalignment in our lives. Regular use of pure Cacao allows us to reconnect to our physical bodies and our emotional and energetic bodies by acting as a subtle 'bridge' to higher realms. As we tune in and listen to our body, allowing it to reveal its deeper truths, we are led to recognizewhy we make particular food choices in the first place. 

The Mighty Magnesium

Beyond our subconscious emotional needs, chocolate is often craved because the body is in need of a magnesium fix. Playing a pivotal role in over 600 cell reactions, magnesium is responsible for things like healthy brain function, blood-pressure balancing, nervous system regulation, and muscle relaxation. Without magnesium, our bodies would inevitably begin to crumble. Fortunately, Cacao is one of the highest magnesium food sources in the world!

Magnesium is also hugely responsible for stabilizing our blood sugar, which allows us to make healthier food choices throughout the day. When our blood sugar is off-kilter, we find ourselves see-sawing between states of giddiness, irritation, and sluggishness. Regulating our blood sugar with satiating foods like Cacao -adding perhaps some extra synergizerssuch as cinnamon- leaves us feeling satisfied for longer.

Moreover, thanks to its high theobromine content, a vasodilator that encourages more blood flow around the body and heart, Cacao enriches our days with a gradual, steady high. More theobromineand less caffeine translate into enhanced productivity without strain on the nervous system. Compare this to coffee, which provides a sudden 'wake up' jolt that quickly fades into a groggy, slumpy slumber. Uh oh!

Gracefully Riding the Hormonal Wave

Besides being jam-packed with wonderful chemical compounds and cancer-fighting antioxidants, Cacao is also composed of the healthiest fats that our bodies yearn for. Did you know that hormones are formed from fat itself? Andrea explains how healthy fats are an essential part of hormone balancing for women. Without a substantial amount of healthy fat in our bodies, hormones can't function correctly, possibly leading to problems such as irregular menstrual cycles, digestive issues, cystic acne, and fatigue. Consuming 'fat-tastic' and anti-inflammatory foods such as fish, avocado, and -yep, you guessed it- Cacao, allows females not only to survive but to truly thrive. As Andrea says, "when a woman works in unison with her body's magic and wonder, she can undoubtedly conquer the world!" 

Gender aside, Andrea encourages all her clients to take responsibility for their overall vitality and well-being. Ensuring that the first meal of the day is highly nutritious and delicious catalyzes true health and happiness throughout the day, every day! Intermittent fasters often rely on Cacao as an amazing 'breakfast' to fuel their morning activity, providing energy and enthusiasm each step of the way.

Every Day as a New Beginning

Although there may not be one simple dietary guideline for everyone to adhere to, as we each come equipped with a unique nutritional code, we all contain the power to transform our lives in even the smallest of ways. Educating ourselves, from the inside out, empowers us to make healthy, kinder choices, leading to sustainable, lasting changes. 

Remember, our bodies are always speaking to us in one way or another. Softening our attitude towards ourselves to one of curiosity and compassion allows us to tune into our innate wisdom where true healing may occur. A bountiful relationship with Keith's Cacao supplies an energetic 'high five' to every cell in our being and propels us forward in life with purpose, passion, and perseverance. To make a long story short, you should never deprive yourself of the magic that is real chocolate!

Special thanks to Andrea Walker for sharing her wisdom on the amazing nutritional benefits of Keith's Cacao. You can follow Andrea'sInstagram to learn more about her work, ethos, and services.

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