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Cacao's New Role within the Workplace: Jennifer Tonin's Switch from Coffee to Cacao

Can Cacao really compete with coffee's dominant role in modern society, especially in the workplace? Whether it's to keep adrenaline pumping during long hours behind a screen or to foster relationships with colleagues, coffee has been the go-to beverage in the workplace, especially within the corporate world. But with more and more people complaining of adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, mental burnout, and exhaustion, isn't it time we consider a better alternative to see us through strenuous workdays?

This question frequently occupied Jennifer Tonin's mind. Living and working in Milan as a Consultant, Jennifer got on a mission to find and share a much-needed remedy to the work-grind-flow. With a hunger for life and learning, Jennifer struggled to find time for much-loved hobbies in her fast-paced lifestyle. Her days were long, her schedule jam-packed, and her working week downright exhausting! Feeling the need to support herself within such a hectic environment, Jennifer initially turned to coffee, as per the status quo. Given coffee's prevalent role in Italy's culture, Jennifer found herself forcefully drinking espressos during team meetings and catch-ups alike.

However, as she quickly found out, just because something has become the 'norm,' it's not necessarily good for you, nor does it work for everyone. With so much caffeine pumping through her system, Jennifer started to struggle with heart palpitations. Not wanting to keep putting her precious body through such strain, she began to look for natural alternatives. She tried ginseng, tea, and finally, Cacao. 

As a Keith's Cacao practitioner, Jennifer knew how to harness the benefits of Cacao for spiritual practice and inner work. It didn't take long for her to bring Cacao into the workplace as a means to maintain focus, increase productivity and enhance creativity. Once she did, she found the results to be astonishing, unexpected, and quite extraordinary.

Introducing Softness to a Sector that Needs it

Discovering Cacao was a game-changer for Jennifer. "From the first sip, I was hooked. It was like coming home! I let out the biggest sigh ever!" Cacao is full of uplifting, nourishing compounds that energize and inspire us while bringing peace to our hearts. Since introducing Cacao to her workday, Jennifer has seen a marked improvement in her ability to remain focused and productive. Equally importantly, she now has this newfound ability to turn chaos into calm, leaving clients and colleagues smiling at the end of the day. Meetings that were once stressful have since been blessed with softness. 

Cacao works not only on the physical level but the psycho-spiritual, mental and emotional levels too. Alongside becoming a grounding force throughout Jennifer's day, Cacao made her realize that she simply can't give 110% every minute and has encouraged her to reprioritize self-care. Jennifer remembered that rest and recharge are non-negotiable. She started making time for daily meditation and for pursuing her other passion, including making beaded malas and drawing mandalas, thus achieving a much-sought balance between life and work. In essence, Cacao reminded Jennifer of the transience of her very human nature, and that ebbing and flowing through life's rhythm with plenty of rest and play allows for more productivity, creativity, and workflow in the long run. 

Reaping the rewards, Jennifer felt impassioned to share her experience with others and now receives accolades for introducing colleagues and customers to the magic of Keith's Cacao. To her delight, once-heavy coffee drinkers are now utilizing the support of the Cacao Spirit in their daily routines. Whether to exercise, relax in the evenings, or work more efficiently, Jennifer is seeing a growing population of Cacao drinkers each day.

The Importance of a Work-Life Balance

Cacao allows busy bees to go through their day with ease and effortless productivity and helps them remember the importance of balancing work, joy, and play. Cacao can't help but share with drinkers the importance of slowing down and appreciating the little things, providing a nice warm hug from the inside out. And that this doesn't equate with less productivity! "It has been a truly beautiful journey to watch people change, grow and become more open-hearted and compassionate, while their creativity and productivity rise," Jennifer says. 

Whether dealing with work-related stress, mental fatigue, or a lack of direction, Cacao acts as a gentle 'course-corrector,' implementing more positivity and balance into our lives. An excellent antidote for feelings of 'stuckness,' Cacao eliminates confusion and replaces it with the clarity that can only be found when we connect to our heart. And it provides us with sustainable levels of energy to implement that clarity into action.

Paving the way for a more compassionate working lifestyle, Jennifer envisions a future where Cacao will be a standard item in the workspace cafeteria. Seeing how Cacao has changed her life and work, she is hopeful that Cacao will help others in the corporate world maintain their productivity levels and soften their hearts at the same time - one delicious cup of chocolate at a time.

You can follow Jennifer’s journey with Cacao on her social media account.

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