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Caroline Wacker: Having the Courage to Show Up For Yourself

Caroline Wacker was living life in the fast lane. Working crazy hours and night shifts in an unhealthy environment, she kept alternating between exhausting herself and numbing herself with substances until her body could take no more. 

When she awoke one day with her left side completely paralyzed, she was left with no choice but to make radical changes; and she did. Softly held and guided by the feminine essence of Ceremonial Cacao, Caroline was finally able to sit, feel safe in her body and with the myriad of emotions running through it. 

Cacao & Cold Water Medicine

Today, Caroline shares Ceremonial Cacao with the world as a Keith's Cacao Practitioner, holding space for others to anchor and align and connect with themselves and others. Combining the Cacao medicine with cold water medicine, she has attracted a community of people -her soul family- that gathers on Sundays for Ceremonial Cacao and fun dives into the beautiful waters of Lake Geneva.

Caroline began her cold water plunges in the lake close to her house in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, in March 2020. With a cup of warm Cacao in hand, she would take her dogs for a walk and sit by the shore. Until one day, heeding the call of the water and defying the limiting beliefs of the mind, she immersed herself into the cold winter waters and has been doing so ever since. 

Cacao and the Power of Showing Up For Yourself

What started as a personal routine for cleansing, purification, and centering, soon grew into a practice shared by so many others who kept reaching out and joining her in this magical ritual.  Caroline has inspired many to live from the heart. "It's really simple," she says. All you have to do "is show up for yourself."

Caroline currently facilitates Keith's Cacao Practitioner Certification Course - The Power of Cacao, in French (Formation: Le Pouvoir du Cacao).

You can follow Caroline on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and learn more about her work with Keith's Cacao on her website.

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