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Rio Kurihara: Perfectly Poised for the Perfect Wave

Passionate surfer Rio Kurihara shares how Keith's Cacao has become integral to his surfing experience. From connecting with his body and the ocean to enhancing patience, intuition, and confidence, Keith’s Cacao has brought a unique dimension to Rio's surfing adventures.

From Competitive Swimming to Surfing

Born in Japan and schooled in England, the USA, and Australia, Rio was a competitive swimmer singularly focused on making it to the Olympics. When a severe knee injury, subsequent surgery, and mental burnout forced him to let go of his swimming career, Rio, at 19, found himself in the depths of depression. Surfing became his lifeline during this challenging period. With his background in swimming, Rio quickly excelled, finding himself riding a 25-foot wave in Indonesia a mere three months into the sport.

Yet, much like Indonesia's patterned waves, his depression would come and go until he eventually dropped out of university and went traveling to Central America. Though he had drunk ceremonial Cacao before, it was during this trip to Mexico that a friend introduced him to Keith's Cacao. Rio instantly recognized the potency of this medicine and was overcome with feelings of love and gratitude. 

“That's when I realized that that wasn’t me; that it was the Cacao, helping me connect to the Ocean and my body”

Surfing on Cacao

Although Cacao became part of his daily routine, Rio did not immediately make the connection between this powerful elixir and its impact on his surfing. An unforgettable experience would change that. One day, Rio rose at dawn, had his cup of Keith's Cacao, and paddled out to the ocean. Mexico's big waves are difficult to maneuver with a shortboard, like Rio's, yet on that particular day he was able to perform feats he had never mastered before. “That's when I realized that that wasn’t me; that it was the Cacao, helping me connect to the Ocean and my body,” says Rio. 

From that day on, he knew he had found an ally that would allow him to connect more deeply with the ocean, his body, and his intuition. Inducing a relaxed and focused state, Cacao provides Rio with patience, a sense of protection, and the ability to make perceptual decisions even in the face of danger. It has become a powerful facilitator that enables him to ride bigger waves and navigate the unpredictable realm of surfing with more confidence and greater respect.

Here is how Rio describes Keith's Cacao impact on his surfing:

Sharing Cacao and Spreading Joy

While Rio initially envisioned creating a retreat space in Bali, he has discovered joy in sharing the transformative power of Cacao in more organic ways. Chance encounters with fellow surfers and intentional gatherings infused with breathwork and Cacao have become platforms for Rio to spread the joy and connection that Keith's Cacao has brought to his life. These intimate experiences serve as catalysts for others to embark on their own journeys and forge deeper connections with themselves and the world around them.

In addition to its performance-enhancing qualities, Cacao has provided practical benefits to Rio's overall well-being beyond the realm of surfing. It has aided him in overcoming his coffee addiction, offering a healthier and more balanced alternative. Furthermore, Cacao's magnesium content has proven beneficial in alleviating Rio's insomnia, enabling him to find restful sleep amidst his nomadic surfing lifestyle. 

Keith's Cacao Enhances Every Endeavor

For Rio Kurihara, Cacao has become an indispensable part of his surfing routine, elevating his performance, fostering patience and focus, and deepening his connection to his body, the waves, and the ocean. As he continues to ride the waves and share Cacao with others, Rio's journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential of Keith's Cacao to enhance every endeavor. 

You can keep up with Rio's Surfing and Cacao adventures here.

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