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From Coffee to Cacao: Lana Pribic's Call Home to Nature

Lana Pribic is an ex-coffee addict turned Ceremonial Cacao connoisseur. Once overworked and underwhelmed, Lana now feels impassioned to inspire others' holistic health and happiness journeys through her successful podcast. Her brand Modern Psychedelics is an online space harnessing the divine, ancient wisdom of plant medicines, including the Spirit of Cacao.

The Creepy Crawl of Coffee's Call

Ditching a daily habit of frothy frappuccinos is no easy feat. However, Lana's transformation has been gently supported by the heartwarming presence and delicious taste of 'Mama Cacao.' Like many of us, Lana was first introduced to a gluttonous amount of coffee during high school and university. Working at Starbucks, she quickly became dependent on luxury lattes to keep buzzing through each day. But, as both her wallet and nervous system became impacted, Lana started to feel disempowered and unmotivated. Although caffeine caused a momentary perk, Lana could feel that the overuse had a detrimental effect on her well-being and mental health. Lana hit rock bottom when her difficulty falling and staying asleep developed into full-blown insomnia. 

Motivated to improve her sleep cycle and lifestyle, Lana began to reduce her coffee intake while also implementing other healthy changes. This transformational path inspired her to participate in her first ceremony with Ayahuasca - a shamanic plant medicine that grows deep within the Amazon jungle. In preparation, Lana followed a strict diet regimen which included total abstinence from coffee! When the caffeine withdrawal symptoms - headache, neck pain, irritability, and fatigue - began to fade, Lana noticed how she was able to function absolutely fine, something she had convinced herself wouldn't ever be possible. This taught Lana that her physiological dependence on coffee could be overcome once met with a strong, positive intention for a happier, healthier life. 

Herein Lies the Magic of Mama Cacao

Lana was first introduced to Keith's Cacao during 'ecstatic dance' sessions in Toronto. Each week participants would drink Cacao to open their heart centers and prepare their bodies for intuitive dancing. Contrary to coffee, Keith's Cacao expands the heart center by providing more oxygen and increases blood flow throughout the body, creating a gradual high and a sense of connection with no crash landing afterward. Initially, Lana was not enthralled by the strong, bitter-flavored blew. Gradually, however, she became intrigued by the ritualistic, ceremonial aspect of gathering in community to celebrate life while drinking chocolate. 

Traveling later to Costa Rica, Lana became delighted by concoctions of Iced Cacao coconut blends while blissfully bathing in the sunshine. Realizing that she could enjoy Cacao in a plethora of personal and creative ways, Lana had a newfound surge of expressive freedom, inspiration, and, of course, dopamine. The power to create her own special Cacao brew to fit her unique palate and mood allowed the transition from coffee to Cacao to become much more effortless. Lana shares, "I didn't even have to try; it kind of just happened!". On top of delighting in the chocolaty taste, Lana no longer felt as dehydrated, overtired, or anxious as she had in the years before. Lana describes coffee as something that steals from her and Cacao as providing for her. 

The Healing Power of Nature

Having now experienced multiple plant medicines, Lana believes that the synergy between nature's wonders is imperative to her growth. A delicious cup of Keith's Cacao provides Lana with not only a greater sense of self-connection but a profound spiritual, higher connection too. For Lana, it's not solely about the Cacao bean itself but all that the Spirit of Cacao represents. Cacao's ability to bring people together, gather in ceremony, and connect to the heart space in celebration, creates a sense of magic that is hard to compare with any other beverage. 

Lana now enjoys a mini plant-medicine ceremony every day. Between the taste, the smell, the heartfelt intention, and the essence of a nice warm hug, Lana describes Cacao as a "special feeling."  "Cacao is gentle and loving. I want more of that in my life!" she says.

Thank you so much to Lana Pribic for sharing your story your story about switching from coffee to Cacao with us. To keep up to date with Lana, check out her Instagram accounts @lanapribic and @modernpsychedelics.

If you have a story about how switching from coffee to Cacao has transformed your life, please share it with us! We would love to hear from you.

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