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From Exhaustion to Enlightenment: the Rewarding Journey from Coffee to Keith’s Cacao

In case you missed it, there is a global uprising of Ceremonial Cacao happening all over the world! Everyday, more people are swapping their caffeine-kick for an elixir of chocolate magic - aka, Keith’s Cacao! But, why the switch? Well, Cacao is comparable to coffee in one major way; the energetic lift that people undoubtedly feel when drinking either. However, Cacao’s energetic ‘high’ comes not from caffeine but theobromine, a vasodilator that encourages relaxation and increased blood flow, an expansion of the ‘heart-space,’ rather than an over-stimulation of our delicate nervous systems.

Caffeinated Kick vs. Energetic Lift

The energetic wave we experience with Ceremonial Cacao is gentle, gradual, but powerful. As we drink Cacao on a frequent basis, we often find ourselves attuning our lifestyle to one that is authentically aligned to who we truly are. Living in our heartfelt truth naturally inspires us to share our unique magic with the world, which becomes a catalyst of change for others. 

Shona McFarlane, a Healer that lives happily on a boat in Reading, UK, is a devout Cacao convert with an inspiring ‘success story.’ Previously a heavy coffee user laden down with unfortunate health issues, Shona discovered Cacao during the infamous pandemic year of 2020. With regular lockdowns forcing people inside their homes, Shona took the opportunity to travel inside herself with the help of her new loving guide, Mama Cacao. 

Before discovering Cacao, Shona had been drinking copious amounts of coffee for an entire decade, which coincided with her plaguing health issues of nightly insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. Her addictive habit then created a new reliance on sleeping medication, which massively affected Shona’s quality of life.

Healing Mentally, Spiritually & Energetically

Once Shona intentionally made the switch to Keith’s Cacao, she noticed not only her quality of sleep and digestive issues improving but also that her overall mental and spiritual well-being took a positive turn. “While beginning my relationship with Cacao, I also started learning about shamanism and reiki healing which was transformational.” Although coffee and Cacao are comparable to some degree, what sets Cacao apart in its uniqueness is the cocktail of organic compounds that infuse each bean with so much magic alongside the hefty health kick. 

Shona describes her enlightened, ritualistic relationship with Cacao as different from her previous dependence on coffee. She explains that, although she drinks Cacao daily, she can regularly take breaks from her precious friend - without any hiccups - which actually ignites a much stronger relationship in reconnection. Beginning her morning ritual with candles, conscious intention, and a steaming cup of Keith’s Cacao has had a massive impact on Shona’s quality of life. 

Because Cacao is packed with so many antioxidants, alongside an infusion of magic such as Anandamide (the ‘Bliss’ chemical) and Phenylethylamine (the body’s ‘natural Ecstasy’), Shona’s days no longer weigh heavy on her sensitive system but rather leave her spirit feeling light and expanded.

The Snowball Effect of Self Belief

Learning to trust her own body’s intuitive process has allowed Shona to say goodbye to the sleeping tablets, which she had heavily relied on for an entire decade! By working with Cacao, Shona has rekindled her self-belief, which now echoes through her thriving business. “I feel blessed to be on my path of healing and now helping others heal,” Shona says. Today, Shona shares the magic of Cacao with her friends and neighbors while telling us proudly, “I could not live without Mama Cacao.”

Shona is just one example of many who aspire to live a more heart-centered life in accordance with their true nature. Sometimes, it takes just one simple step! Whether that’s quitting a draining corporate job, downsizing to a more comfortable property, reducing toxic load intake, or simply switching to a cup of Cacao as a newfound ally, we each hold the power to create a lifestyle that is beneficial not only for ourselves but the entire planet. Cacao is unique in its ability to remind us of our heart-lead nature as human beings. So, if we seek to return the planet to a state of harmony, a heartwarming cup of delicious Cacao certainly can’t be a bad place to start! 

Thank you to Shona for sharing this magical story about the power of Cacao. When one person shines, we all bathe in a reflection of newfound possibility. If you have a story about how Cacao is transforming your life, please share it with us. We would love to hear from you!

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