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Cacao practitioner | Ceremonial cacao | Practitioner profile

Hichem Meddeb - Cacao Practioner and Man of Play

Hichem Meddeb lives in "Happyland." He spends a good part of his day riding around the country roads around Granges village in southern Switzerland, swimming in the tranquil lakes, playing his guitar and singing songs, writing a book, and cooking with his grandmother. And being playful!

First Embrace

Hichem stumbled upon Ceremonial Cacao by chance, or good fortune! He was in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala doing Qi Gong at the time, and kept hearing about this Chocolate Shaman across the lake. He wasn't particularly interested at first, but everything aligned to bring him to Keith's porch one fine day. Within 30 minutes of drinking Keith's Cacao and sitting in ceremony, Hichem felt Mama Cacao's arms wrapped around him, and he let go in her loving embrace.

Letting in the Fun

And so it began! Hichem has been working with Keith's Cacao since 2014. Following an injury, he had to give up a life of involvement in extreme sports. Keith's Pure Ceremonial Cacao helped him let go of the past and slowly let in some love and some real fun. It helped transform his life.

Fun has always played a significant part in Hichem's life, for apart from being a mountain climber, he was also a circus performer. Before Keith's Ceremonial Cacao, when -in his words- "he was more selfish," both of these activities were all about performance. As this fine Cacao allowed him to go deeper and connect more fully with whatever he was doing, Hichem's shows became less about performing and more about being present with the people around him - and playing with them.

Living with Cacao

Keith's Cacao, the original and world's finest ceremonial Cacao has been Hichem's friend, ally, teacher, and helper. The Cacao Spirit encapsulated in every cup of Keith's Cacao, has invited him to connect more with myself and the land and inspired him to play more. It showed him that sometimes a major accident or some significant change in life happens just to help us appreciate the pleasure in the simple moments, like sharing time with friends, spending time being close to a tree, or sitting by a lake.

As he learned to embrace more of who he is, Hichem began to share his gifts with the world through music and meditation. In his Cacao ceremonies, he creates a safe space for people to gently let go of what is happening in their lives, family, and work, let go of all their stories and take the journey back home to their real essence.

Crazy World We Still Love You

Hichem's message is to head the call to be ourselves. And to share our truth with the world. Sing our song, write our story, draw our pictures. Now more than ever, we are called to be fully who we are. And with the help of Mama Cacao, maybe we can help other people remember who they are. And yes, even in a crazy world, we can still live a beautiful life and share love.

Thank you for sharing your love with us Hichem. You can keep track of Hichem through his social media account here.

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