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Hot and Steamy: a Keith's Cacao Lovers Ritual

Chocolate is sexy! The chocolate advertising industry has made sure we all know that! Evocative imagery and sexual innuendos have been used to sell chocolate since… well, forever. 

Alas, a box of chocolates will make you neither horny nor a better lover. But, as the saying goes, there is no smoke with fire. There is indeed some truth behind the myth of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, and it lies in Pure Ceremonial Cacao – the original, real chocolate.

Pure Ceremonial Cacao releases dopamine and serotonin, boosts your mood, opens your heart, and showers your body with energy. If vitality, happiness, and love don't raise your sex drive and your ability to feel pleasure, then what will? 

So if you want to get hot and steamy with your partner, throw out the fancy chocolate, make yourselves two cups of Keith's Cacao, and find out what real sex magic is! 

Keith's Cacao Love-making Ritual

This sex ritual is intended to empower the romantic side of your relationship. When sex merges with Cacao and mindfulness, it can take you into such deep levels of intimate connection it can be heaven on earth! 

Remember, all we are offering here are mere suggestions. One size does not fit all! We are all unique in our make-up, our quirks and preferences. So, approach this with an open mind. Pick and choose from the suggestions below, mix and match whatever whets your appetite, tickles your fancy, and gets your juices flowing - all puns intended! The only essential components for this sex ritual are a ceremonial dose of Keith's Cacao and a partner. And even the partner is optional! If you are on your own, you can turn this into a sex date with yourself! 

Here we go!

1. Set your space. Choose a safe, private space and make it special. You can use candles, an essential oils burner with your preferred aroma, sage or palo santo, evocative music (may we suggest Beloved, I am calling you) – anything that feels right and safe for you. 

2. Make your two cups of Keith's Cacao, mindfully an with intention. (Recipe here - if you have no heath issues, you can up the dosage to 1.5oz/42g per cup and fly really high!)  

3. Sit (naked) with your partner face to face in the space you have created and speak your intention or intentions out loud. Intentions can take the form of asking for more trust and greater connection or opening up to new ways of loving. Allow the intention to rise from within your heart rather than the mind. Once the intentions are spoken, release your attachment to them!

4. Sip your Cacao together, looking into each other's eyes, and intend to maintain a meditative awareness in your love-making. 

5. With every sip, speak out a positive attribute you like in your partner. 

6. Place one hand on your own heart, and with the other hand, cup your partner's hand that is touching their heart. 

7. Take turns to speak a truth about what you like done to you. Be mindful of how you express these. These truths are not meant to be requests – and most certainly not demands. They are simply your truth. Begin your phrasing thus: "I like being touched this way…, I like being talked to…, I enjoy being caressed… etc.

8. Allow your bodies to get closer. If you have music playing in the background, you may want to move and sway in rhythm. 

9. Do not rush. Savor every moment and let things unfold naturally and organically. 

10. Let go of preconceived ideas and expectations. Allow your bodies to play!

You can read all about Cacao's use as an aphrodisiac throughout history and the science behind the potency of this love elixir in our blog post The Taste of Love: How Chocolate Became the World's Favorite Aprhodisiac.

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