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Cacao drink | Cacao recipe | Ceremonial cacao

Getting Started with Ceremonial Cacao

When a block of Keith's Cacao arrives at your door, you have the honor of unwrapping Cacao in its purest form with no additions, chemicals, or loss of quality. Storing and preparing it with this same love and intention opens you up to receive its benefits in the most potent and powerful way. Follow these tips and tricks and unlock the power of Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao to open your heart, focus your mind, and energize your spirit.

How to Chop and Store Ceremonial Cacao

If you're new to drinking Ceremonial Cacao, it can be hard to imagine how this solid block of Cacao paste becomes a perfect chocolate brew. We've got you covered with instructions and videos on exactly how to chop your block, preserve its freshness, and end up with a fabulous cup of Cacao.

Each block of Keith's Cacao is its own work of art. You will likely see a beautiful configuration of whitish lines throughout your chocolate block. This is the natural separation of the Cacao butter from the Cacao mass that occurs in non-tempered Cacao and is called bloom. Bloom is harmless and can make breaking Cacao's brick much easier.

How you chop your block will depend on your available kitchen equipment, personal preference, and your relationship to the process. The most common ways are:

1. Use a sharp, heavy knife to slice small pieces or shave into small slivers. 

2. Break it into small chunks and use a food processor, blender, or Nutribullet to grind it into a fine chocolate powder. 

After you have broken your block of Cacao, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place to preserve its freshness. A dry cupboard or kitchen pantry is perfect! It's not recommended to store Ceremonial Cacao in the fridge because the high moisture may cause molding. You'll see an expiration date on the back label of your block that is two years from the date of packaging. In truth, Cacao has a shelf life of several years when stored properly and will retain all of its active compounds and potency. 

Watch the video at the bottom of this page for a brief demonstration on how to break down and store a brick of Keith's Cacao. 

How to Prepare the Perfect Cup of Ceremonial Cacao

There are infinite possibilities for crafting the perfect cup of Keith's Cacao. As you become familiar with the preparation of Ceremonial Cacao, the options for a creative concoction are endless. Let's get you started with a simple and delicious recipe, and then you can add your own ingredients as you go! 

Every individual is unique, and your body will be the ultimate guide to the ratios and proportions that work best for you. Take your time, test, and tune in to what your body wants. The measurements below are guidelines from Keith's intuitive guidance and personal practice. 

Keith's Cacao Basic Recipe 

What you will need: 

• 28g (1oz) of Keith's Cacao

• 200ml of hot water  

• Spices and sweetener to taste (we recommend cayenne pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup).

Tips for the Perfect Cup 

• Instead of using boiling water, use water that is just warm enough to keep a finger in it. Bring the liquid to a near boil, or if you boil the water to start, leave it to cool a bit before blending it with your Cacao. 

• For a smoother, creamier brew, make a paste first or use a blender to combine all the ingredients. 

Watch the video below on creating your perfect cup of Cacao with a blender.

If you prefer to keep it simple and craft your cup of Cacao with loving care by hand, there are two great ways to do this. 

1. Using a stove element to warm the water, add the Cacao and your spices of choice, and use a hand blender or whisk to smooth it together. Pour it into your favorite mug and enjoy! 

2. Alternatively, pour the warm water over your Cacao, starting with a small amount so you can stir it together and create a paste. Take your time to whisk the water and Cacao together and create a smooth blend. Once you have created a paste, fill your cup, and add spices and sweetener to taste. Sip, enjoy, and let the Spirit of Cacao bring on the magic. 

Get Creative!

If you’re ready to get creative with your Cacao and looking for some inspiration, have a look at our featured Ceremonial Cacao Recipes here.

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