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Jaime Morales: Balancing Fitness, Food, and Focus

New York-based health and fitness coach Jaime Morales has always been driven to excel in all aspects of his life. Hailing from Puerto Rico, Jaime's passion for sports started at a tender age, with competitive swimming becoming his first love. Over time, he added tennis, volleyball, and triathlon to his repertoire, embracing an incredibly active lifestyle. 

Furthermore, Jaime possessed a rare talent for illustration and cartoon animation, which led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in 2D hand-drawn animation from the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. In 2008, he made the pivotal decision to relocate to New York City, where he could nurture his two passions: coaching health and fitness while creating thought-provoking cartoons and illustrations.


Unlike conventional fitness training programs, Jaime specializes in holistic training that brings about lasting change and transformation.  His signature "fierce JAIMEFIT workouts" synergistically combine the three pillars of fitness, food, and focus. These workouts are primarily designed for individuals who, like Jaime himself, have reached the midpoint of life and aspire to attain their physical best without causing harm to their bodies. Keith's Cacao is the perfect ally for such a pursuit. 

"An avid chocolate lover and long-time coffee addict, I had to acknowledge that caffeine only served to exacerbate my anxiety. Heeding the advice of a trusted friend and mentor, I turned to Ceremonial Cacao - specifically Keith's Cacao. The rest, as they say, is history."

Keith's Cacao entered Jaime's life during a critical period when he needed it the most. Jaime had been grappling with the aftermath of a life-altering divorce and the trying times of a pandemic. Battling sciatica, kidney stones, and surging anxiety levels, he was unwilling to accept that this was the inevitable reality of entering his thirties. Instead, he solemnly vowed to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing his body, mind, and soul from within.

With a predisposition for discipline, Jaime delved into practices such as Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates, all while applying himself to the understanding of neurology and PTSD. Eventually, his exploration led him to the realm of psychedelic therapies. An avid chocolate lover and long-time coffee addict, he had to acknowledge that caffeine only served to exacerbate his anxiety. Heeding the advice of a trusted friend and mentor, he turned to Ceremonial Cacao - specifically Keith's Cacao. The rest, as they say, is history.


Keith's Cacao became Jaime's steadfast companion throughout this tumultuous chapter. It gave him the motivation and energy to rise from bed and go swimming every morning. For an entire year, Cacao became a part of his morning ritual. "Keith's Cacao granted me the perfect amount and kind of energy required for physical exercise, devoid of the anxiety and subsequent crashes associated with coffee," he shares.

Beyond its ability to provide sustained energy, Jaime found that Cacao opened his heart and illuminated the extraordinary potential within nature, inspiring his shift towards holistic healing and training based on natural nutritional choices. Moreover, it endowed him with a profound sense of calm and relaxation.

As a seasoned trainer, Jaime is keenly aware of the changes accompanying aging. "You must keep the body in motion," Jaime asserts, "but at forty, I've come to realize that the most vital movement lies within the breath itself. It is everything. In contrast to coffee, which tends to induce shallow breathing, Cacao naturally facilitates deep and effortless breaths." Deep breathing cleanses and rejuvenates, and Jaime now comprehends that when he aligns himself correctly, he requires minimal external stimuli—no excessive protein intake or overwhelming physical exertion. He explains, "Don't get me wrong—I remain a dedicated triathlete and aim to excel, but balance is the key. Overloading on caffeine and protein powder will eventually backfire."


Keith's Cacao, Jaime elucidates, is profoundly distinct because it provides a sense of "satisfaction." This feeling stems not only from the rich nutritional value inherent in Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao but also from its innate ability to "automatically make you drop into your body, your breath, and the present moment." Cacao does more than impart energy for a workout; it also teaches individuals how to preserve and utilize their energy wisely. As Jaime eloquently states, "The essence lies in working harmoniously with your body, rather than against it."

These days, Jaime enjoys his cup of Keith's Cacao primarily in the afternoons, relishing its ability to relax and replenish his energy reserves after a rigorous training session. Moreover, he has taken it upon himself to introduce Keith's Cacao to his clients, offering it for sale at his new gym and enthusiastically discussing its many benefits: clean, natural energy, restorative nutrients, enhanced mindfulness, and deep breathing.

Jaime believes that to maintain fitness as we age, we must simplify our approach. Cacao is a remarkable ally in this endeavor, as it initiates the simplification process through alignment, breath, and connection. These three elements foster equilibrium within us. "The ultimate objective is to achieve balance," Jaime asserts. Cacao has been instrumental in his personal quest for balance within himself and his harmonious relationship with nature. "It is a beautiful dance that happens between humans and the healing properties of this remarkable medicine."

You can find Jaime and Keith’s Cacao bricks atThe Healthy Crew Gym on West 16th Street in Manhattan. For more about Jaime and his work, go to his website jaimefit.com and Instagram account. 

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