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Jodi Dodd: Finding Flow on the Mat with Keith's Cacao

Drinking Ceremonial Cacao and practicing Yoga are both beautiful, natural ways to boost your energy, awaken your strength, and nourish your heart and soul. Put them together, and you may just become unstoppable! 

From increasing blood flow and enlivening your cells to calling forth your inner strength and awakening your senses, this potent combination brings a sense of vitality and full-body bliss like nothing else. 

For Keith’s Cacao Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, Jodi Dodd, after nearly 20 years of practicing Yoga and 14 years of teaching, Ceremonial Cacao has inspired new levels of depth in her practice. In 2018, persistent injuries changed how Jodi moved and greatly influenced what she could do on the mat. Since then, combining her practice with Keith’s Cacao has helped her adapt as she returned to the joy of movement in a gentle, loving, and sustainable way. 

Here are some of the ways a cup of Keith’s 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao has elevated Jodi’s yoga practice and can do the same for you! 

Awakening the Senses - Access New Levels of Presence and Depth 

Approaching Yoga practice after a cupful of Cacao means going into it with a clear mind and an open heart. Thanks to its high flavanol content, Ceremonial Cacao increases blood flow to the brain, stimulating cognitive performance. At the same time, PEA (the ‘love molecule’ in Cacao) provides heightened focus, allowing you to hone your attention. This is a perfect complement to the way that Yoga builds awareness through concentration and careful precision of movement. 

With a clear mind and a deeper level of presence in her body, Jodi has been able to approach everything from a more centered, embodied place. On the mat, this means getting into poses with more ease and accessing new levels of flexibility and depth in her practice. 

Finding the Flow - Tapping into a Sustainable Source of Strength

Keith’s Cacaohas a unique ability to help you get out of your head and into your heart. Its perfect alchemy of nutrients, neurotransmitters, and bioactive compounds makes it the ideal complement to Yoga postures, which are intended to generate heat, release blockages, and inspire you to move with ease and grace.  

As Cacao helps release muscular tension and energy blocks, it amplifies this process. Its high potassium levels and flavanol content relax blood vessels, improve blood flow, and enhance cardiovascular and nerve function.

For Jodi, the fusion of Cacao and Yoga has facilitated more magic moments in her practice. Moments when she finds herself in the ‘zone’ - accessing a flow state. When her mind is in absolute clarity, her attention is immersed in the melody of her breath, and there is a fluidity of movement beyond words. 

These moments allow Jodi to access her intuition and tap into an infinite source of inner strength. Intimately following her body’s innate intelligence to activate her physical abilities has taken her practice to a whole new level - both on and off the mat.  

Integration - Embodying a New Way of Being 

In any experience, embodiment and integration are essential for lasting transformation and healing. Ceremonial Cacao creates a somatic experience, influencing the state of the body rather than just impacting the mind, as the active compounds heighten sensitivity and stimulate the senses. 

Also, as a gentle plant medicine, Cacao is an adaptogen, meaning it will meet you where you are and restore balance rather than abruptly forcing a change. (Learn more about Cacao and its place among plant medicines here.) 

Similarly, as you experience the divine gifts of breath, movement, and life in Yoga, it’s an invitation to soften into the truth of the moment and meet yourself there. In Jodi’s experience, authentic integration can only happen when one is fully present in their body and awake to their experience - and pairing Cacao and Yoga is a beautiful way to facilitate this process.

Finding Ease and Allowing Gentle Release

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but releasing tension is one of the most effective and lasting ways to boost your energy and create vitality in your system. Imagine what becomes possible when all of the energy and vital life force used to hold on to old patterns becomes available for you to use in new and innovative ways! 

With a high concentration of magnesium and other nutritional compounds that relax blood vessels and improve blood flow, Cacao is the perfect complement to a yoga practice that softens your edges and dissolves deeply held tension. 

Experiencing New Levels of Joy and Bliss

If you’re familiar with a “yoga high”, imagine how this feels when you have the magic of Keith’s 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao pumping through your veins. 

Combined with Yoga, the heart-opening medicine of Ceremonial Cacao facilitates new levels of joy, connectedness, euphoria, and soul expansion. The unique combination of the cardiovascular stimulant theobromine, the 'bliss molecule' anandamide, and the 'love chemical' PEA in Cacao will influence the chemistry in your brain and release endorphins that leave you feeling blissful all day long! 

The Power of Cacao

Starting your yoga practice with a cup of Keith’s Cacao will take your experience to the next level. If you’re not already giving yourself the gift of drinking Ceremonial Cacao before stepping onto the mat, try it and see how it elevates your mind, body, and soul! 

This blog post concentrates on the powerful combination of Ceremonial Cacao and the physical Asana practice of Yoga. Go here for more depth on the alchemy that can be found in merging these two medicines of the ages!

Visit theRevive Yoga and Wellness Website to find out more about Jodi's classes and specialized yoga sessions. You can also follow Jodi's journey with Cacao and Yoga onInstagram.

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