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Pairing Ceremonial Cacao and Breathwork | Meet Keith's Cacao Practitioner Beau Bowker

Beau Bowker is a Breathwork guide, energy worker, and Keith’s Cacao Practitioner led by a deep calling to help others feel their power and free their Spirit. Beau was introduced to Cacao and Breathwork at a difficult time in his life and was amazed to discover the incredible and revolutionary healing potential in communing with the Spirit of Cacao and connecting to the medicine of his own breath. 

Having spent part of his life as a Comedian, Beau brings humor, joy, and light into the spiritual journey. He dedicates his full presence to holding sacred space and acting as a pillar of support for others to open their heart, free themselves from illusion, heal their deepest wounds, feel the flow of their life force and experience their true essence. 

The Power of Ceremonial Cacao

There’s a reason why we feel so wonderful after sipping a cup of Ceremonial Cacao. It comes from the unique combination of nutrients, bioactive compounds, and the perfect alchemy of how these elements work together to open our hearts, release dense energy, and enliven our whole being. 

Beau connected to this magical power of pure Ceremonial Cacao while consciously drinking it in ceremony, recognizing the ability within the Spirit of Cacao to bring the exact medicine his soul was calling in at any given moment. 

The Magic of the Breath

His first experience of the potency of Breathwork was when his wife, a Ceremonial Cacao and Breathwork Practitioner herself, laid him down to guide him through a profound and transformative journey. He was able to free himself from stuck energy and emotions, integrate deep lessons, and land in his heart. Immediately, he felt the call to hold space for others to move through this powerful healing experience. 

Tuning into the movement of the breath is tuning into the voice of your soul. This is the voice of love the voice of your heart, your true essence. On a physiological level, Breathwork invites more oxygen into the body and creates more space for energy to flow. In the process, we “get out of our own way” and allow the intelligence of the body to move through us uninhibitedly, releasing stuck emotion and trauma with ease and grace. 

Ceremonial Cacao & Breathwork - A Perfect Pairing

Beau has recently created a powerful offer, integrating Ceremonial Cacao and Breathwork to introduce a whole new level of clarity, heart expansion, and rejuvenation.

Their collective power to shift our inner state and awaken the heart and soul make Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao and Breathwork the perfect pair! The Spirit of Cacao invites us to drop into our heart, and a Breathwork practice opens us up on every level and clears our body, heart, and mind. 

Each session involves sitting in ceremony with Cacao, discussing a theme based on the teachings of Keith himself, invoking a powerful intention, and experiencing Breathwork together in community. Beau provides a safe (online and energetic) space for everyone to journey into their heart, drawn together in deep purpose and connection.  

Are you ready to experience the power of Cacao and Breathwork for more clarity, peace, and flow in your life? Read more on Breathwork and Ceremonial Cacaohere.

Follow Beau for some good laughs and profound insights on Instagram here

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