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Sarah Watts: Finding Wisdom Within Through Keith's Cacao

“As a society, we spend a lot of time trying to find external ways to change our state of being, believing that if we have this thing or that holiday or this item... we're going to change our state,” says Sarah. “And what Cacao has really taught me is that I have that in me already. I don't need to look outside. I can bring myself into a different state by bringing intention and attention to it,” she concludes.

Meet Sarah Watts, mother, leadership coach, and Keith’s Cacao Practitioner. With a background in HR, Sarah has a passion for creating intentional spaces that nurture authenticity and genuine self-expression. In Keith’s Cacao, Sarah found a remarkable companion on her journey of inner exploration and a valued ally in her business, uncovering profound wisdom along the way.

The Catalyst of Motherhood

Sarah's personal development journey kickstarted when she became a mother. The challenges and triggers motherhood brought to the surface became a powerful catalyst, leading her on a path of self-discovery and growth. "I was very much motivated to become the best mother I could be for my kids," Sarah reflects. Coupled with the desire to create an intentional environment that allowed them “to have agency and sovereignty over themselves,” she was led to explore her own healing and authenticity.

And so she embarked on training in intuition, seeking to become more self-referential instead of constantly seeking the opinion, approval, and validation of others. It was during this period that Keith’s Cacao entered Sarah's life. The beautiful synergy between her inner work with intuition and the profound embodiment that Ceremonial Cacao offers allowed Sarah to discover a profound ability to connect with herself and find her own internal compass.

Discovering the Magic of Keith’s Cacao

She says she “stumbled upon an online Cacao Ceremony” during lockdown in 2020. Intrigued by the potential of this magical drink, she decided to dip her toes into this uncharted territory. "I could see the power," Sarah recalls, describing her initial experience with Ceremonial Cacao. This encounter sparked a deep curiosity and prompted her to jump on a journey of research and exploration that led her to Keith's Cacao and the practitioner training program, "The Power of Cacao."

Training as a Keith’s Cacao Practitioner, Sarah discovered a diverse range of individuals who shared a deep love for this sacred plant medicine. "I met some really lovely people, and I just loved how everyone shared Cacao in their own way," Sarah enthusiastically shares. “From sound healing to dancing and breathwork, each person brought their unique expression to the shared experience of Keith’s Cacao, creating a beautiful tapestry of connections.”

Keith’s Cacao for Embodiment and Authenticity

For Sarah, Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful tool for connecting with her physical body and anchoring herself in the present moment. In a world often dominated by overthinking and overanalyzing, Keith’s 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao allows her to experience a profound connection with her inner world in a unique way. "Cacao connects me with my body," Sarah explains. By embracing the embodiment that Keith’s Cacao offers, she finds a refreshing balance between the intellectual and intuitive aspects of her being.

Her background in HR corporate roles gave her insights into creating nurturing work environments where individuals could genuinely be themselves. This passion for fostering authenticity and self-expression resonates through her work with Keith’s Cacao in her coaching business. Sarah's brand, Joyful Minds, embodies the fusion of head and heart, emphasizing the importance of honoring both aspects of our being. In Keith’s Cacao, she has found a great ally and facilitator for dropping into self and into presence. "The golden thread that runs through everything I do is about being ourselves, being true to ourselves," Sarah affirms. 

Sharing Ceremonial Cacao: a Fluid and Intuitive Practice

As Sarah explored different modalities, she found a harmonious synergy between Keith’s Cacao and Celtic Shamanism. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of her ancestral lineage, she creates a space that invites participants to go on an inner journey, connecting with their innate wisdom. In Sarah's Cacao Ceremonies, participants drink a ceremonial dose of Keith’s Cacao, set intentions, and embark on individual journeys guided by the rhythmic beat of the drum. Through this collective experience, a sense of community and shared growth emerges.

Sarah's relationship with Ceremonial Cacao remains dynamic and flexible, adapting to her ever-changing needs. She follows her intuition in deciding when to incorporate Cacao into her daily life, allowing herself the freedom to listen to her body and the call of the moment. “There's no right or wrong way of having a personal practice; it’s whatever works for you, and that can be fluid, and I love that,” she says.

Sarah's story serves as an inspiration, reminding us that the path to inner wisdom is found by embracing our true selves and listening to the whispers of our hearts.

You can follow Sarah’s journey with Keith’s Cacao on Instagram, Facebook, and through her website.

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