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Thomas Owen Kiernan: Expanding Consciousness through Cacao and Sound

When Thomas Owen Kiernan was a young boy, his music teachers at school told him he couldn't sing. They even told him to stay clear of the instruments in class. They said he was out of tune and out of rhythm. So Thomas stirred away from music and ruled that he was not musical and did not have a good voice. He carried this profoundly ingrained belief well into adulthood.

Today, Thomas is a Sound Alchemist, the founder of Sounds of Light, and a Keith’s Cacao Practitioner who utilizes the alchemy of sound, Cacao, and ceremony to help people remember their universal, expansive nature and awaken to the multidimensional world already alive within them.

Meeting Cacao and the Chocolate Shaman

After experiencing burnout from his role as a Training Consultant & Political Activist for a successful NGO, Thomas was guided to Guatemala, Central America, over a decade ago. Once in Lake Atitlan, he was led to the "Cacao Shaman".

Upon entering Keith's space and laying eyes on "this beautiful, tall, white-bearded, wizard-looking man," tears filled Thomas's eyes with instant recognition and a sense of belonging. And so it was that his life path changed from the first cup of Keith's Cacao in that very first ceremony led by Keith.

Thomas credits Keith's Cacao for helping him connect to his innate musicality and freeing himself from all the limiting beliefs he had picked up from other people. And in that process, he also found his voice. From that first cup of Cacao, Thomas started having lucid dreams and receiving visions of himself serving Cacao and leading groups of people while playing instruments. Given his long-held beliefs about his voice and musical abilities, these visions were the strangest thing and far removed from his lived reality.

Soul Activation - Soul Remembrance

Fascinated by what he saw, Thomas followed the cookie-crumb trail of sound and Cacao as though being summoned by a mysterious force to make this dream a reality. After that, he would continually find himself in the presence of instruments that had appeared in his dreams the previous night. He was visited by guides, spirits, and extraterrestrial beings, dispersing any doubt in his mind that sound was a gateway to multiple timelines of consciousness. Playing with sound, he was never alone.

Gradually, he began to understand that when he served Cacao and shared his sound, made sound with other people, and/or helped them open their voices and sound together, he was, in fact, creating a space where everyone could drop into their hearts and their souls. Over the years, he discovered that the combination of Cacao and sound was a deep medicine for soul activation, soul remembrance, and heart awakening; and for helping people liberate their authentic selves, their genuine expression.

With this new-found, instantaneous ability to play the musical instruments around him, Thomas has since been leading people into states of profoundly altered consciousness through the alchemy of Cacao and sound. His sound healing journeys continually bring people into a deep hypnotic state, accessing childhood memories and alternative lives within other dimensions. Working within a group setting, they access states that enable them to heal from traumatic wounds while building a sense of tribal community akin to their true nature.

Connecting to our Multidimensional Reality

Thomas works with sound and music in two ways. One is to help people connect vertically: which means connecting their bodies and hearts to their soul self, god/goddess self. So they can be both here and in other dimensions simultaneously, in the company of light beings from this realm, nature spirits, and elementals, but also connecting with their extraterrestrial tribe and their whole family of soul-friends and light beings that are not embodied. And then, there's the horizontal connection: the heart-to-heart tribal connection. Being physical, being primal beings, and the human self is equally important.

Thomas also trains people to liberate their voices so that they can become clear channels of consciousness and be of service to their multidimensional selves. Clearing the all too common 'junk' and conditioning within their beings, they are empowered to become a more authentic expression of who they really are.

Cacao, Sound, and Nature

Sharing Cacao with people in the great outdoors, as part of the journey, allows for a reconnecting to their inner nature and the realization that all that we see in wild nature we have inside. Glacial waterfalls, mountaintops, and caves become the settings people connect with lost parts of themselves. Together, they use music to create rhythm, create tribal music where people can stomp their feet on the ground, sing melodies that have been sung since the beginning of time, and remember that they came here to Earth to do sacred work.

In Thomas's understanding, we are not linear humans that simply experience birth and death. Rather, we are multidimensional beings, already present in different realities at every moment. Combining heart-opening Cacao and his alchemical sound work, Thomas helps people remember why they chose to come to Earth in the first place: to be medicine both for themselves and the world.

You can follow Thomas' journey on Facebook and Instagram.

For more info on Sound & Nature Retreats visit the Sounds of Light Mystery School website.

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