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Tune Into Nature with Ceremonial Cacao

"An indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony" -Keith, the Chocolate Shaman

Truth or legend, in today's world of haste and disconnection, the magical medicine of Ceremonial Cacao is needed more than ever. Luckily, also more than ever, it is spreading far and wide!

We have long been living in a contrived and unnatural state of space and time, disconnected from our natural rhythms and inner wisdom. We've lost our sacred connection to life, Nature, and the land. Distraction, technology, and high-paced living have become the norm. Media channels are high-jacking our nervous systems, creating urgency and holding us hostage to be the first to know the "next big thing." 

Pure Ceremonial Cacao can help us tune out of all that and tune into our body and heart, our natural home. Known for centuries as an essential and potent plant for humans, it has been used by Indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica to bring them into connection with themselves, each other, and the Earth. Its ability to help us experience the essence of Nature and feel deep gratitude for life makes it the perfect ally for all kinds of outdoor activities and profound connections to the natural world.

Cacao Ritual to Connect to Nature and Self

There is an essence, a spirit, a 'deva' behind everything that manifests in physical form in our world. We seem to have forgotten, but we all have the ability to align ourselves with Nature and tap into the energy, the soul of plants and animals. Connecting with Cacao as a plant spirit, guide, and teacher through mindfulness, ritual, and ceremony, we are reminded of the interconnectedness of our world, of our Oneness with the Earth. When we take the time to consume our Cacao elixir with attention and intention, we honor its source, receive its wisdom, and come home to the truth within ourselves. 

The loving, motherly Nature of the Cacao Spirit gently guides us to remember that this interconnectedness applies to all things, including all parts of ourselves. She inspires us to act in alignment with the natural laws that are in place for the highest good of the planet and for ourselves, inviting us to flow with the rhythm of life rather than resist or push against it. 

The practice of tuning into the natural world with Ceremonial Cacao and other plant medicines is not new. Indigenous peoples have been accessing and using expanded states of consciousness for thousands of years to strengthen their connections to the plant and animal world. These expanded states of consciousness were equally used for spiritual practices, rites of passage, and other rituals, as well as for survival - like finding water and deciding where to migrate.

Unlike other plant medicines, Cacao is psychotropic but not hallucinogenic. This means it can create expanded states of consciousness and temporary changes in perception, mood, or behavior without taking us out of our bodies. On the contrary, it makes for a very embodied experience. It brings our senses to life, enhancing our clarity, focus, and awareness. Cacao inspires us to align with the expression of Nature within us, to feel how the elements of Nature express themselves through us. To see, acknowledge, and experience the beauty of life around us as a reflection of the beauty of life within us. (Click on the link to read more about Cacao & its Place Among Plant Medicines, Entheogens, & Psychedelics)

An Invitation to Stillness

Humans have long intuited that being in Nature is good for the mind and body. We long for its simplicity, its quietness, and its stillness. We take vacations that get us out of cities and into the wild. We have popularized activities like earthing and forest bathing. Indeed, taking time out of our day to slow down, become still, and spend time in Nature is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves. 

Sometimes, however, shifting from a fast-paced urban lifestyle to complete stillness can be a bit of a challenge. As the layers of distraction are peeled back in the stillness, like veils, layers of emotion that have been comfortably numbed are revealed, one by one. Phenylethylamine and anandamide, the heart-opening, feel-good chemicals for which Ceremonial Cacao is celebrated, help us through this process by holding us in high vibration and encouraging us to meet it all with love. As Keith says, Cacao may not take us on a trip, but it allows us to go on one if we so wish, "with more love and less fear."

At the same time, Ceremonial Cacao's high magnesium content also makes it easier for us to relax, enjoy and benefit from being in Nature. While the theobromine, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that make Cacao a superfood provide us with sustainable energy, magnesium keeps our muscles relaxed. Magnesium activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that brings us into a space of calm and ease. Going into Nature in a more relaxed state allows us to experience its stillness and be present with its beauty and magic in a whole new way. 

Tune in to Nature with the Magic of Keith's Cacao

As a superfood elixir, mood booster, and energy enhancer, Ceremonial Cacao is the perfect ally, teacher, and guide to help you attune to the rhythms of Nature and align with the pulse of Nature's beat within. With its unique combination of calming, stimulating, and euphoric effects, Cacao will bring more joy into all your experiences in Nature. 

If you're ready to tune out of the drama of the world, the daily distractions, overconsumption, and fear, and tune into your heart, intuition, and Mother Nature, make yourself a flask of Keith's Cacao, go out in the wild, and play!

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