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Keith's Cacao Ceremonies in San Marcos La Laguna

We encourage you to attend these weekly Keith's Cacao affiliated Cacao Ceremonies in San Marcos La Laguna! 

Location: Black Lotus, just a few meters from Keith’s Cacao Workshop and very near the Silani dock. https://goo.gl/maps/Bxy2ijcVygeVDjiq9



Every Sunday, at 10AM, we invite you to an inspiring experience at the shores of Lake Atitlán! Join us for a Cacao Ceremony led by Andrés Jiménez, General Manager of Keith’s Cacao Guatemala and an experienced healer and space holder. Andres has been offering Cacao Ceremonies for the past 8 years.

Andres states, "Cacao is the consciousness of love and compassion, the Master Plant of true understanding and reconciliation. In a safe and supportive environment, it allows us to listen deeply and without judgment to ourselves, to each other and to the wisdom of Nature, guiding us to remember who we really are and how we can bring balance and abundance to our lives and to our world".

All are welcome!

WhatsApp to save your spot: +502 45749170

Exchange: 200 Q


Each Wednesday and Saturday at 12PM, join Herb Beslanowitch, Founder of the Black Lotus for a Cacao Ceremony. Click here to learn more about these ceremonies.

Herb has been working with Cacao for 7 years and guiding people into deeper states of consciousness for over 20 years as a meditation teacher and clinical hypnotherapist. His passion is helping people uncover emotional blindspots and clear any blockages that are holding them back from attracting more love, happiness and financial success into their lives. 
Herb studied closely with Keith in San Marcos and has led hundreds of cacao ceremonies over the years. Blending Keith's insightful teachings with his own unique background, Herb's ceremonies harness the full power of this gentle plant medicine to unlock the amazing healing power already within us. Herb is also Founder of The Black Lotus, a spiritual center offering month and year-long immersion courses on personal growth, meditation, lucid dreaming, hypnotherapy and working with cacao as a plant medicine.
Exchange: 200 Q


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