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“Master teachers, like Cacao, have so much respect for who you are that they trust and allow you to find your own way, with guidance always available if you ask – this is unconditional love.”

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman

“If you want to be spiritual, here’s what you have to do. Have more fun. More light. More love. Stop hating things. Start loving everything.”

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 2016

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman,

Courtesy of Jelena Barraud

“You are here for service, and service will be your path. To be of service, you have to be yourself. Because only who YOU are, can do whatever it is that you came here to do”

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman

“The magic isn't out there... It's in here, in your heart, and it wants to come out and play…”

Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman

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