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Learn How to Become the Love That You Seek With the Help of Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao

This Is Your Call to Open Your Heart, Reconnect With Your Soul, and Immerse Yourself in Love

"The higher purpose of any kind of relationship is to get at the Truth, and if we don't yet know what that means, uncovering the false within us is a great way to start."

Keith Wilson, Keith's Cacao Founder

Do You Find Yourself...

Meet Beau & Sabrina, Your Love Immersion Guides

Our Love Story

"We met at a special event for healers one vibrant Sunday morning. The magnetic connection was immediate and potent. We could tell you every detail about what it felt like and the romantic and soulful charge that was palpable from our first embrace. But you've heard those stories and seen them in movies if you have not felt those feelings yourself. The magic of our love is in the ether; it is in our essence. We could not teach it nor replicate it with another. The HOW of our sacred union is novel and has medicine in it for all of us. So it isn't what happened that day; rather, it is the learnings and healings that happened before that fateful meeting that allowed us to connect and, more importantly, gave us the tools to foster that connection into a safe container for love to grow and expand.  

Making Space For A Loving Relationship

Before the day we came together, we had done the work to clear a path for one another. Before we fell in love with one another, we had started falling in love with ourselves. We had cleared layers of emotional sediment that had blocked the flow of love – old stories, feelings of unworthiness, unhealthy relationship patterns, heartache, fear of abandonment, etc. We let go of fear and anything that opposed love. We weren't perfect, but we had healed a lot. For whatever we had been through in our lives and previous relationships, we had honestly opened our hearts to finding and being in love. So when we saw one another, we truly SAW one another – someone else who was open to love, someone who was in integrity with their heart, a fellow child of God so deserving and so willing to be in love. 

Sharing Ceremonial Cacao

All the best Love stories start with chocolate, and this one is no different. Our first date was a cacao ceremony with Beau serving Sabrina his special cacao recipe. What was intended to be a little cup of conscious connection turned into a 10-hour vortex of soulful surrender. We talked and listened. We were quiet, open, present, playful. We went into deep feelings, as Mama Cacao is wont to do, and we held space for each other. Our hearts opened in that cacao afterglow, and we felt the beginnings of a sacred union. Cacao was and continues to be, the catalyst for inspiring authentic connection in our relationship and serves us in deepening our commitment to our healing, which is the key to stoking the eternal fire of our love. Our hope in sharing our story is that it serves as inspiration and encouragement to all those on the path to finding love, both within themselves and in meaningful relationships."


What can I expect from this Immersion?

  • Support and guidance from experienced Keith’s Cacao Practitioners Beau Bowker & Sabrina Rising
  • Powerful daily practices delivered via email
  • Personal, self-guided, Cacao ceremonies
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations with Keith
  • Breathwork sessions for expanding awareness and moving energy
  • Music playlists for at-home ceremony
  • LIVE! Orientation and Intention Setting Session on Zoom
  • LIVE! Mid-Immersion Support Session on Zoom
  • LIVE! Integration Session on Zoom
  • Access to a Private Cacao Immersion Facebook Community 
  • Sacred space creation and powerful intention-setting guidance
  • Cacao drink recipes and personal Cacao ceremonial guidelines
  • Journal prompts for reflection and integration
  • Other online support material
  • Two blocks of Keith's Cacao!

By the end of the Immersion, you will…

A Peek Inside the Love Immersion

Your Immersion Includes:

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