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A bloomed brick of Keith’s Cacao is BEAUTIFUL!

Each bloomed brick of Pure Ceremonial Cacao looks different; but they all look beautiful! Here is why some of the people in our community love bloom! #cacaobloomisbeautiful


I love it when a bar of @keithscacao has bloom! It crumbles and mixes so easily and shows what a natural high vibrational cacao it is.


The beautiful unique bloom on this block of @keithscacao from @shesmedicine Each block is as unique as the person that consumes it. My Sunday self care has included yoga and cacao, a gift to myself.


Cacao Bloom is Beautiful 🍫
Part of the delight of unwrapping a brick of Keith's Cacao is seeing the mesmerizing patterns, swirls, and white rings that make every brick a true work of art! It's all part of the magic!


The bloom is bloomin’ marvellous! Evidence of the minimal processing the cacao goes through at @keithscacao. All that delish cacao butter is still in there and a small bonus is how easy it makes it to chop and prepare a cuppa.


I love making and drinking cacao as part of my morning ritual. As I make it I say my intention and get centered for the day. It gives me focus, joy, energy, inspiration and creativity for the rest of the day.

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