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About What I Do - Part 2: Testimonials

This blog post is an excerpt from the original writings of Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman, which were first published in 2012. For more recent info on all things Ceremonial Cacao, visit our main blog For the Love of Cacao.

What Others Say About Keith’s Work

“This morning, while with a client, I thought I would take them with me to the 'energy of the porch.' I discovered, once again, on a new level that 'the energy of the porch' is not a place, but a vibration, a level of dimension. And something must have shifted within because the experience was completely different in how it presented itself to me. It was a new dimension of the experience of being in 'that field of resonance.' You and Barbara were there, yet we were all the same presence in this 'bubble' or 'sphere' of expression/experience. It was the most loving expression that has been created thus far in this new ‘journey,' and I simply had to share it. A lot was happening there, but there are no words in this space to explain it. Besides, I doubt it is at all necessary to do so. ’We’ were there as ‘ONE,’ fully loving presence, and I am humbled yet again into a beautiful place of grace.” (Keith's Note: A multidimensional experience becoming normal!)

From a porch regular:

“I must say, the work you represent is the most profound, direct, and fun work I have met in this world so far, and it is a great pleasure to help spread it out to more people”

Communicated via email:

"[My ex] is clearing stuff too, like immediately on my clearing my stuff inside, he reflects the external reality almost instantly. I'm so immersed in seeing everything as my hologram; it makes me giggle now. It's so hard to take anything seriously! Ha!"

At the California Festival:

"Keith, thank you, truly, for your guidance, space holding, and blindspot watching. I'm so deeply grateful for helping me liberate myself from the confines of a world that no longer serves me, and for helping me to launch myself into the dream reality of all that I am and the world I want to co-create; a world of infinite possibility, love, and joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and bless you... "

"Oh, and Keith, you have quite a reputation here in the West Coast tribe. As I walked around, sharing nibbles off a cacao block one afternoon, many knew it was yours and spoke of how you had ‘changed their lives.’"

"Ahhhhh, Keith, I love that I chose what I chose, and what chose me chose me. I lay down on the Ceremony floor after everyone had left and cried with gratitude that I hadn't allowed myself to kill myself all those times and that I could do THIS amazing thing every day instead."
(Keith's Note: That's just how it is!)

"WOW. Everything has changed. And I do not exactly know who or where I am supposed to be these days, but it oddly feels in alignment. Does that make sense? It feels as if six years of processing have occurred since last seeing you in July! I think I am still a sane human being (hahaha), yet I feel as though I have been ‘unplugged’ from the program and learning to live in an entirely different way. Some days I feel powerful, and others quite boggled, but I still have my love goggles on! My life flipped upside down starting the first day after you left and is just balancing back out. Everything and anything not serving my highest good anymore came up and out - with a fury!" (Keith's Note: Welcome to the real world of saying 'yes' to yourself!)

From someone with several years of international spiritual travel:

"His work is the fastest, easiest, and most graceful that I have come across. He is also the most laid-back yet intense teacher; he truly knows how to gracefully walk the worlds. Keith hones in effortlessly on core belief systems and emotions that I had no idea were affecting me in any way, inviting us to go to the roots and permanently release. He is reliable, tireless, and 100% heart-centered."

From a local therapist:

"I am endlessly grateful to you for holding the space and tapping so subtly and deeply into what my soul was screaming and ready for. And for hearing the messages of my guides. I mean endlessly! Since the last Cacao Ceremony, it seems like I have already gained so much more lightness; it’s written all over my face. I am manifesting much deeper work on people, my yoga classes are packed, and men are sensing my openness (I might need to become more aware of that, hmmm or not!)"

A Social Media post:

"Cacao Ceremony No.8... I am speechless! Six hours of the most powerful, vocal, fiercely courageous set of rebirths and healing processing I've ever witnessed. It was truly magical watching one person after another come into their power and gifts. What a day. So much gratitude to our Cacao tribe for holding the most electrifying and high-vibrational space of facilitation and potential."

Communicated via email:

"Your ceremony brought me to a very powerful place in my understanding of love and my family's legacy. I have met an amazing partner and have used the Cacao I purchased from you to feed him the love medicine I received. Thank you so much for holding space during the ceremony. I have received amazing blessings in my life since that experience. Blessed be all that you do"

Spoken before a Ceremony:

"I changed my flight for 150 Euros because I learned more about myself and the human condition here in one week than in 2 years of university psychology."

"I think it might be because I refused to forget what I experienced at your ceremonies that the magic stays with me even months and miles away."(Keith's Note: From an amazing being)

Communicated via email:

"Thank you so much. Major layers of density have moved, and more are coming up... big deep core issues. At the moment, I'm in that blissful place between the breakers and quite ready to engage the next wave."

Another email commincation:

"The four ceremonies were life-changing for me. I really appreciate your approach and gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Especially for your patience!”

From a medical doctor:

"…to feel the comparison of the level of processing we had experienced on your front porch, and to instantly feel which one resonated for me energetically the most, as my life’s direction. It was one of the most valuable experiences of my life, those three days, because, in one weekend, I gracefully said goodbye to the perception that I could work with my old colleagues within that particular healing domain…"

A Social Media post:

“Oh, Keith, I truly have totally surrendered to even trying to figure out on ANY level what my life's work is all about! I'm having so much fun just being and getting out of the way. And every hour I do that, MORE flows in like a tidal wave! …embracing all the layers that inevitably come up with stepping into aligning with consciousness, no-thing-ness, and allowing the next level of emptying and surrendering to higher self to happen. I feel more supported by the Universe than ever. That’s a big deal for an abandonment drama girl.”

Communicated via email:

“Yes, total real-time reruns of an 8-month-old, exposed to unpleasant unsupportive energies, crying, being shut down in the guise of kindness.
It was very painful and distressing at first, becoming less distressing once I finally unraveled the meaning, the metaphor. I experienced the detailed shutdown that happened back then when I made the choice because the energies around me were just too fucking painful to eat anymore.
I woke up in terror and confusion this morning. It lasted quite a long time until I was finally able to breathe in enough calm to call on my higher self, and that helped.
But I was totally in the 8-month-old perspective: fear, pain, despair, and hopelessness, No point in continuing. Total resignation. I wished I would die. How long does this go on?"

“Yep, the inner child is having a pain feast tantrum field day [from] a failure to be present and conditionally-loving immature daddy. God, I'm doomed!" (Keith's Note: In my experience, it is totally expected that when a significant 'layer' loses its foundation and begins to come ‘up,' the obvious at first is, “Oh, how totally fucked up I am". ! It is a very good sign! I have seen it many times. Been there myself...)

"The shutdown!! Oh my goodness! How sad to witness (in meditation) the meanness and injustice in what was considered normal and appropriate behavior in raising a child... and in managing relationships! How could a sensitive, intuitive, intelligent child cope? By shutting down (and also being shut down by external forces). Makes sense... sad."

"Being ‘good’ out of a desperate need for approval (no sense of self-worth). Be something so the outside world would seem to make sense... find a comfortable 'identity' that seems to fit in, where people don't seem to judge you... or seem to reject you. And fear... not even sure of what."

“I feel like there are all these newly uncovered characters within, swirling around in my field, trying to get my attention. Some are such tiny fragments that they don't even have a story. But they still want to grab me and tell me the story they don't have.” 

From Brenda's blog: www.brendalarsen.com May 8, 2012. Quoted from an Abraham-Hicks YouTube video titled “The Secret Behind the Secret, Part ”:

–When you see someone who behaves in a way that is upsetting to you, and you cannot do anything about it, that feeling of powerlessness that comes over you is the strongest factor in disconnecting from your Source Energy–

"I was absolutely powerless to change my life situation as a child,” I ponder as tingles consume my body. “I felt the hopelessness and futility of being stuck in a place where events around me were painful and not to my liking, but as an innocent child, I was powerless to change a thing. I finally just gave up and disconnected from Source. I felt as if God had let me down and that I would never receive help from the one Source that should have had my back.” (Keith's Note: That's Deity Drama, what one came in to work with, being locked in)

IM about processing:

"And I keep ‘forgetting’ what incited the terror. And then I remembered, it's a deep belief that love equals pain, that if I don't sabotage it myself, it'll hurt way more after I’ve let the love grow deep. Terror, sadness, futility - all today's specials at the Inner Work Cafe..."


"Thank you for flying Air Keith!"

And some feedback from Empaths:

"The empath stuff is especially fascinating to me right now, as I continue to look at myself in that light. I now know that this is one of my important issues to explore, which can explain a lot. How I took on so much of my family's toxic stuff as a child, took it in like a sponge, having no clue I was doing such a thing. Perhaps I thought it was all mine. That's a lot for a little kid to take on!"

"One of its effects on me was the hiding, protecting, suppressing of my very wide open inner child/sponge heart."

"Then, to have it made wrong, bad, and even to make this sensitive part of me wrong myself, or blame it as the reason for my emotional suffering. See it as a weakness or a fault."

"And so, a rejected part of me. When in reality, it is the most sensitive and magical part of me!"

From Brenda's blog:

"I suddenly remember a powerful example of how, when in conversations with the very friend who had synchronously slammed me on Facebook this morning, I used to listen for hours while she would unload her angry emotions onto me. When the conversation was over, she was all happy and bubbly, and it would take me days to recover – to let go of the emotions she dumped on me.

…“Keith,” I briefly interrupt. “All of that deep emotional charge that I suddenly felt this morning after opening my friend’s comment, was that my own emotional stuff, or did I unknowingly suck in her emotions from thousands of miles away?”

“What do you think?” Keith asks, making me find my own answer.

“It wasn’t mine at all. I did the same thing with her this morning that I have been doing throughout our friendship. I connected with her; I felt her judgment, anger, and pain – and I sucked it inside my belly, believing it to be my own.”

“Now you’re beginning to understand.” Keith grins back at me.

As Keith continues to lead the empath training, I attempt to participate, but my emotions swell so deeply that I cannot focus. Multitudes of memories begin to explode in my mind; memories of being a people pleaser who was terrified of conflict and anger because I took it all into me; memories from throughout my life. Until today, I had believed all of that pain to be my own. Now, I clearly see that I was inhaling it from others."

From an empath friend:

“Guess what? We did it! We bought our sailboat! Yipeee, this has been a dream of mine since I was ten years old, a dream I have gazed at through a looking glass. Not anymore! I want to thank you, from the very essence of my being, for helping and guiding me through these times, through my inner snares and gardens, speaking truths of light and existence. I am a different human being these days and still settling in. My physical body feels so permeable, yet at times still so foreign. There is a profound yet subtle difference in the way I move and in the way I am learning to enter in unison with the energies of others, without attaching to them. Each day is a journey; each day, there is change and expansion. I was kinda dense! The surfacing of hidden depths and energies is constant in these times for me, and the belief and judgment that "I should be done with this already" is floating away in surrender with the controlling parts of myself. I truly feel as if I am learning how to be again, how to be the light that I know I am. Each day anew, washing and bathing in the light of the present moment, and allowing...”

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