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Benefits and Uses of Keith's Cacao: Part 3 - Workplace Productivity, Decision Making, and Innovation

This blog post is an extract from the original writings of Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman. For more recent info on all things Ceremonial Cacao, visit our main blog For the Love of Cacao.

Here is a detailed list of the known benefits and uses of Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao of the Criollo variety, which does not have the caffeine found in the hybrid varieties that comprise most of the world's Cacao, and which retains its active compounds. 

We believe this is the most comprehensive list to be found on the world wide web. It is compiled from medical journals, our own experience, and those of others who have been using Cacao extensively. 

Benefits and uses are listed under five categories:

• Consciousness and Spirituality

• Creativity and Learning

• Workplace Productivity, Decision Making, and Innovation

• Workouts, Sports, and Training

• Medical and Health (including a note on Cacao and Covid-19)

Workplace Productivity, Decision Making, and Innovation


Our Cacao is excellent both as an individual and a group facilitator.

We often hear that our Cacao is: "the edge that works." People who value workplace productivity, innovation, or decision-making tell us that when our Cacao enters their system, it connects them to the 'flow' of deeper knowing and inner prioritization… it works. Keith's Cacao brings your rational mind and intuition together. As a result, your left and right brain co-create in a better synergistic partnership, where each does what it does best, and the whole is greater than the parts.


People find themselves less inclined to control and manage, allowing the flow instead to resolve problems they would have previously tried to fix. Moreover, the clarity and ability to prioritize with the enhanced brain function from Cacao also significantly impact productivity.  

As the planet moves into higher energies, those able to go with the flow, instead of attempting to exert their will and control their desired outcome, will increasingly see problems resolving themselves. Therefore, businesses that apply this are more likely to gain an advantage over those that do not help their employees get this.

"...sharing my ideas with the world, many of which have been inspired and clarified by the Spirit of the Cacao."


Those at the executive decision-making level tell us their job becomes much easier and less hampered by fear, uncertainty, and doubt. 


We have heard from several people that with Cacao in their system, public speaking or group leadership is so much easier as they have less fear and confidence issues getting in the way... it has been a revelation for them!


Software coders tell me that this Cacao makes their brain work as they always imagined a brain should work. They can hold more things simultaneously in their heads and know far better how the code they are writing will impact various other parts of the software. And they have more stamina and clarity, and much less stress. 


'Think Tank' folks have let us know that our Cacao is good for ideas and especially great for synergy and the big picture focus, by providing an understanding of all the parts and how they fit together.


Cacao is an excellent facilitator for group work, team-building, and brainstorming. It truly is the best co-creation facilitator by far! As egos quieten and insights flow, there is less stress, more harmony, fewer individual discordant agendas, more connection with the work, and more cooperation with others.

"I have been giving it to coworkers in my office, and I have really seen a synchronization of our energies and have been able to make a heart connection in a place usually filled with low vibes and stress.”

Many understand that caffeine fosters aggression in a workplace environment. Our Cacao tests far lower in caffeine than any of the other Cacao we have tested in an independent lab. So use it and give yourself, or your company, an edge that works!


Nothing we know is better for deadlines or long hours of work. With much fewer distractions, your motivation, focus, and priorities flow in a way that will surprise you, as your organizational skills seem to originate at another level. 


With Cacao, even housework and chores become more effortless, get done faster, and are also much more enjoyable... If it's time to clean the kitchen, drink Cacao!

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