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Diving Into the Deep Well of Creativity with Keith's Cacao

You don't have to be an artist to be creative. And you most certainly don't need to be one to experience creative block! "The deep well of creativity lies within," says Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate Arielle Webb. With a bit of help from Keith's Cacao, "we can release emotional blocks within the body to allow our creative expression to gush forth in a stream of uninterrupted flow!"

Arielle combines her personal experience as an ardent Keith's Cacao drinker and practitioner with her professional training as a trauma-informed energy worker to facilitate Cacao and Painting events, where people who do not identify as "artists" are guided through their emotional landscape, using art as the somatic vehicle.

As participants begin to feel the warmth and creative flow that comes from sipping a cup of Keith's Cacao, they open to their emotional experience. "It doesn't take long for the anxiety of creating to dissipate as they begin to open to their longing to play," Arielle describes.

Arielle guides participants to choose from various paint colors and tools, some of which are not "traditional," to explore new means of self-expression. With Arielle's guidance and the support of the potent energy of Keith's Cacao, people are surprised by how easily they can connect with color and movement and by the work they create. Often, they comment that they'd "never created a piece of art so intuitively."

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