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Cultivating Innovation

Keith's Cacao is a conduit for enabling innovation in the workspace. It allows for expanded states of awareness that foster out-of-the-box thinking and an environment where unconventional ideas are embraced, leading to groundbreaking solutions and approaches. Read Erik Hansell's story below.

Unlocking Creative Potential 

Keith's Cacao has proven to be a catalyst for unlocking untapped creative potential. It allows for deep introspection, and the unveiling of novel ideas and perspectives. Read Alexa Maithé's story below.

Fostering Connection

Keith's Cacao nurtures empathy, trust, and camaraderie among colleagues, associates, and with customers. It allows for smoother collaborations, enhanced communication, and a harmonious work atmosphere. Read Katie Keany's story below.

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Keith's Cacao vs Coffee

New to Ceremonial Cacao? Find out why Keith's Cacao is the healthiest hot chocolate in the world, how Keith's Cacao is made, and everything you need to know to start making your perfect cup to boost your creativity and productivity below!

Keith's Cacao is the world's original Ceremonial Cacao. You can find out more about how and why Keith Wilson founded Keith's Cacao and became the catalyst for modern-day Ceremonial Cacao movement here.

Keith Wilson has written extensively on all things Cacao. You can find excerpts of his deep and broad knowledge and wisdom on our Blog.

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