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Dr. Charlotte Meier: Connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit—the Essence of Wellness

Be a bridge: this was the extraordinary message that Dr. Charlotte Meier, Dual-Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, received during her first visit to Keith's Cacao Homecoming in 2023. Guided by her profound connection with Cacao, this divine “download” transformed her life. Now, as she integrates Cacao into her wellness practice, it is beginning to revolutionize the lives of her patients.

Links and Connections

In many ways, Charlotte has always been a bridge. With her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her ability to interweave modalities that connect the mind, body, and spirit, her natural talent to forge links is undeniable. In Dr. Meier's Integrative Energy Wellness Practice, every modality aims to bridge the gap between physical symptoms and their emotional and mental origins.

There is sheer beauty in witnessing people “open up to the idea that their physical pain may be intertwined with emotional trauma, spiritual disconnection, or an emotion they're working through,” says Charlotte. Helping individuals realize this connection and fostering their healing journey is her ultimate mission—to guide them toward becoming their most authentic and empowered selves.

Harnessing a diverse set of skills and training, Dr. Meier can tailor to each client's unique symptoms. "As I discover things that contribute to my personal growth, I incorporate them into my practice," she explains. And one “massively transformative” tool she would be remiss not to share is the mighty Cacao.

The Bumpy Road to Wellness

Charlotte's path to healing and wellness was not flower-strewn. Training for a half marathon while keeping up with the demands of a corporate job, Charlotte had a debilitating foot injury that would change her trajectory. Seeking an alternative approach to care, she discovered chiropractic work and was amazed by the immediate results—her foot injury improved by a staggering 80% after just one adjustment. A few treatments later, she noticed improvements in her sleep patterns, menstrual cycle, acne, and emotional regulation.

These impressive results prompted Charlotte to delve deeper into the world of alternative healing, becoming a chiropractor while continuing to focus on her own inner work. Recognizing that healing others is contingent upon her own healing journey, she wholeheartedly immersed herself in this calling.

Coming Home to Keith's Cacao

Years later, a mentor introduced Charlotte to Ceremonial Cacao, and instantly, she felt her heart expand like never before. The day after her first ceremony, she walked into her office feeling entirely transformed. Several more encounters with Cacao deepened her connection, and when the opportunity arose to attend Keith's Cacao Homecoming, her whole being responded with a resounding "yes."

It was at Homecoming that Dr. Meier discovered just how truly remarkable Keith's Cacao is. “There is something special about Keith’s Cacao…And there is something truly extraordinary about all the hands involved in its creation, processing, and supplying the Cacao. I needed that knowing of where it comes, so it feels authentic to me.” Homecoming propelled Charlotte to further explore the depths of her work with Cacao and enroll in the Power of Cacao Training Course to become a Keith’s Cacao Practitioner.

Becoming a Channel: the Impact of Cacao in Her Work

Keith's Cacao has become an essential support system for Dr. Meier, providing physical, mental, emotional, and energetic nourishment on her healing journey and mission. As she embraces her role as a practitioner, Cacao assumes a more prominent role in her one-on-one work with clients. She has noticed that while “all her other modalities are gentle openers to a new version of yourself, Cacao offers that extra motivation to move forward with your healing… like nudging you along and softly whispering, ‘see, it’s not so bad here’ and you kind of move forward with that”.

Charlotte believes this shift occurs through the synergy between Cacao's superfood qualities and spiritual essence. She describes Cacao as a potent anti-dissociation medicine, “activating dormant aspects within us that we may not have realized were missing. It nourishes our bodies and opens our hearts to unconditional love, reminding us that we are fully supported through every challenge we face.” 

Charlotte’s morning ritual with Keith’s Cacao, meditation, deep listening, and journaling allows her to transcend her analytical mind and become a channel for healing energy. This is nothing short of profound. "It's as if, for the longest time in my practice, I was searching for a way to detach from the data analyzing I do," she shares. "With Cacao, I can observe the puzzle pieces coming together without actively forcing them."

Embodying Unconditional Love: The Power of Cacao Warriors

This shift has even impacted Dr. Meier's acupuncture practice. Contrary to her training, she intuitively began using just one needle instead of multiple ones—later discovering that “some of the most masterful acupuncturists only use one needle.” While Charlotte acknowledges the importance of her education and training, she no longer feels compelled to forcefully think through each step. Instead, she embraces the profound notion that her work “is channeled through [her], guided by the spirit of Mama Cacao.”

This has had a remarkable impact on the effectiveness of acupuncture for her clients. "I've noticed a profound shift in the way the energy moves," Charlotte says. "It's like the barriers just dissolve, and the energy amplifies, flowing more freely and effortlessly. It's not confined to the physical anymore; it expands into their spiritual realm too. And witnessing the incredible transformations in these individuals who have endured pain and shared this experience with me... it's simply mind-blowing.”

The transformations experienced through Cacao are not mere temporary fixes—they represent a profound integration, bridging the mind, body, and spirit. Those who consume Cacao and embody its essence become what Dr. Meier affectionately calls "cacao warriors"—individuals who radiate love and become catalysts for positive change in the world. She passionately urges everyone to consider filling their DNA with Cacao, infusing their very being with the embodiment of unconditional love, safety, and support—for themselves, others, and the world.

You can follow Dr. Charlotte Meier on Facebook and Instagram, and learn more about her work with Keith's Cacao on her website.

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