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Is your heart calling you home?

The 4th annual Keith's Cacao Homecoming Retreat begins February 27 and runs through March 6. Join us along the magical shores of Lake Atitlan in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.

Join the community and come home to where it all began!

Where the Cacao Spirit whispers through the leaves in the forest, wanders the cobbled streets, hovers over the calm waters of the lake, and dances in the humid air.

Come soak in the energy of the place where the Ceremonial Cacao movement began.

The place where the beans are toasted, peeled by hand and alchemized into solid blocks of chocolate magic.

The place where so many others have come to sit and play, to journey and be transformed.

Tickets are now on sale for Homecoming 2024. If your heart is calling you home, come join in on the fun!


What can I expect when I attend this retreat?

An intimate connection with the World's Finest 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao

Go to the source, be on the land, meet the people, see the process; it doesn't get more authentic than this!

Be deeply transformed

Bring on Your Magic by connecting with the Spirit of Cacao, in the energy vortex of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by lightworkers immersed in the teachings and wisdom of Keith Wilson, The Chocolate Shaman.

Meet your Cacao-family

A unique bond connects Cacao-lovers from around the world. Feel deeply seen and connected as you meet or reconnect with your Keith's Cacao family.

A full cultural experience

Meet the local community & workers that harvest, produce and package the Ceremonial Cacao you love. Experience the prisitine natural beauty of the Guatemalan Highlands. Witness local culture all around you.

I always had a deep connection with Cacao but after this Homecoming experience I now feel at one with it, 100% connected to the Spirit of Cacao...

Jenny T.

Leaders of the Modern-day Ceremonial Cacao Movement


For Keith’s Cacao Practitioners, friends and lovers of The Original and World's Finest Ceremonial Grade Cacao!

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Experience the Cacao forest, daily ceremony, Keith's workshop and a Cacao & Consciousness-packed itinerary

This experience is for you if you are...


La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City

The easiest and most direct is via a private car, but there are many options for each budget range. 

Inside the Homecoming Facebook Group you can arrange to share a car with other attendees. The price to hire a car and driver is APPROX 1275Q ($170USD) for up to 3 passengers, so if you are travelling in a small group to or from the La Aurora Airport, this is a great option!

Yes. There is a 'ticket-only' option available to purchase. There are many options for hotels & AirBnbs that can be arranged seperately.

Breakfast is included each day and there are 3 dinners included in the experience.

Yes. After booking your ticket you will be connected with our Homecoming event planner to organize alternative meal options.

Yes however children over the age of 2 will require their own ticket.

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