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"Grace-ful" Cacao Mother Blessings

Grace, is a birth keeper, a doula, and a hypnobirthing coach, supporting families in their journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum in a holistic and empowered way. She is also a Cacao Practitioner, bringing all the amazing benefits of Keith’s Cacao, the purest ceremonial grade cacao in the world, to labor and birth, holding mothers through this rite of passage with courage and empathy.

Grace knows Keith’s Cacao to be not just a warm and heart-opening drink, but also the most nutritional concentrated superfood. She has seen firsthand, how Cacao can tap into your intuition bringing you back to your center by activating oxytocin and triggering endorphins for a smoother and more vibrant labor experience.

With 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, 7.3mg iron per 100g, a high magnesium content, and more Calcium Than Cow’s Milk, a cup of Keith’s Cacao fills the mother-to-be’s body with bliss, increases her intuition and pleasure, and is a sustainable source of energy during labor that does not raise adrenalin levels. 

Through Gracefully Wholesome, a concept aimed at holding space for women to birth well and incorporate the new version of themselves through parenting, Grace has intentionally created a space to nurture mamas-to-be whilst they grow a new life inside them. In special Cacao Ceremonies/Mother Blessings, expectant mothers are welcomed, seen, heard, and held in a safe and timeless cocoon where they are encouraged to go inwards, reconnect to themselves, and journey into their divine feminine in readiness for labor and birth. They are aimed at creating “a village” and a network of support transition into the motherhood experience (for the first or consecutive times), to celebrate gestation and the path into motherhood.

In these cacao ceremonies Mamas-to-be and the women that surround them, connect with the elements of nature and with their ancestral wisdom, helped along by this beautiful plant medicine that touches the heart, and nourishes with tenderness, vitality, and love. Used in formal rites of passage ceremonies by Mayans and in all Central, and parts of South America, Cacao in its spiritual dimension, cannot be perceived with the mind, but with the heart, intuition, and feelings. To align with and feel its subtle vibration one must slow down, breathe, and set an intention for themselves, the planet, and the babies that are to come.

Mamas are celebrated for bringing their beautiful new humans into the world.  They are reminded of their inner wisdom, physical ability and strength.  And they are pledged support as they begin the process of bringing their baby ‘Earthside’. 

This is what Doula Grace has to say about Cacao:


* The Cacao Spirit activates the sacred Fire within assisting you in burning away old and dense energies. Cacao renews our sacred connection with Spirit and where we come from. 

* Cacao offers a loving embrace for the Soul. This may feel like somebody is holding you, supporting your back.

* Cacao acts on the physical body, offering nutrients, minerals and feeling-good hormones. Blood circulation is accelerated up to 40%. 

* Mama Cacao speaks to the emotional body and the inner child. Her energy can be very gentle, very (grand)motherly, tender, and loving.

* Cacao empowers the human heart. Cacao invites us to come back to a natural state of feeling (rather than over-thinking). You may feel a deep connection to the world around you. Sharing circles are supported when connected with the Heart (and voice).

Want to know more about how Cacao can support you and your baby during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond? Find out everything you need to know on our Cacao & Motherhood Page.

You can follow Doula Grace Hall's beautiful work with Keith's Cacao and birth on her website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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