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Cacao and Motherhood

Wondering what "Cacao Pregnancies" look like? Check out the stories below, where cacao-drinking mothers-to-be share their journeys into motherhood with Keith's Cacao.

Cacao Families

Chances are you were brought up on hot chocolate. And if you are now a parent, you are also bringing up your children on chocolate, perhaps unbeknownst to you that you are giving them loads of processed sugar and artificially modified junk food. Unless that is, you have discovered the world of Ceremonial Cacao! Then you are - or are thinking about - fuelling your children with the one truly healthy "hot chocolate" in the world instead.

If you are concerned about whether it is safe to give Ceremonial Cacao to kids, don't be! This nutritional superfood is packed with nothing but goodness for young and old kids alike, guaranteed to improve and enhance their minds, body, skin, mood, mental well-being, and so much more.

Keith says there is no one way to share ceremonial Cacao; there is only your way. This doesn't just apply to "ceremony" but also to how we share Cacao at home with our family.

Natasha Vavasour is first and foremost a mother of three. Natasha has been practicing a Cacao morning routine for many years. Early morning is when she can guarantee she can sit with it before life takes hold of her.

Mornings are also when she mostly shares Cacao with her children! Summer holidays offer more of an opportunity for that, but they have their school morning routine too. Natasha takes her Cacao in the car for the 40-minute drive to school. She has learned that "ceremony is a state of being". So before they set off, they set an intention and they all take a sip of Cacao from her cup. Natasha thus brings sacredness into the mundane and keeps the family connected all day through the Cacao that runs in their veins!

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