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Cacao and Sound Healing | Meet Keith's Cacao Practitioner Pei Ying Chew

“Be the best of you!” is Pei Ying’s guiding belief and motto, one that she passionately shares through her work as she helps others feel beautiful inside and out. Her speciality is helping her clients be at ease within their bodies and minds. Pei Ying works with women, men, teenagers, and children, helping them achieve confidence through image grooming, etiquette, and coaching. She also holds space for people who look for peace and joy through Ceremonial Cacao.

Meet Pei Ying

Pei Ying Chew is a Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, Image Consultant, Sound Healer, and Keith’s Cacao Practitioner in Singapore. Although she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has a background in the airline industry, Pei Ying moved on to establish her own holistic healthcare company with her husband. Together they also have two beautiful children – a five-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son.

Following the Call of IxCacao

Pei Ying first connected with IxCacao while at a retreat with her husband. During that first Cacao Ceremony, she felt a “blanket of Universal love” and an unconditional love within herself. After the retreat, she felt motivated to drink Ceremonial Cacao every day, which inspired a deeper introspection and inner awakening, filling her with immense gratitude for life and those around her. She began to share her experiences with family and friends. She soon received a message from IxCacao guiding her to create a space where others could connect to the wisdom of Cacao and raise their level of consciousness. 

Immersed in All Things Cacao!

Pei Ying is a graduate of the Power of Cacao course, which equipped her with all the knowledge she needed to feel confident as a Cacao Practitioner.  She has also joined almost every one of the monthly Keith’s Cacao Immersions. “I loved all the immersion courses. Each time, it was a different experience, opening up various aspects within me and deepening my connection with Mama Cacao. I also loved connecting with the facilitators and the other participants: it feels like I have a cacao family in other parts of the world now.” - Pei Ying

Cacao Offerings

Pei Ying has shared the magic of Ceremonial Cacao from her space, facilitating ceremonies and private sessions for individuals and couples, for a year and a half now. She has found the safety and gentleness of Keith's Cacao to be very beneficial for creating ease, grace, and harmonious connection to oneself and within relationships.

Singapore is a “fast-paced” city with a high cost of living, creating stress for individuals and families. In addition, the culture is such that people are not so comfortable about sharing the problems that come up in everyday life, and most are skeptical and afraid of doing something that is seen as different. 

Yet, through her love and personal practice with Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Pei Ying has seen people become more and more open to connecting with Cacao and her offerings. Many of those who participate in her ceremonies are becoming regulars, attending every week. She feels honored to hold space for people looking to connect with the peace, ease, and joy within themselves and with life.

What People Are Saying

“Pei Ying is one of the most gentle and purest souls I've come across. I attended her cacao and singing bowl classes, and she made me feel so safe and supported. Her work helped me release the tension I was experiencing, and I left the classes feeling absolute bliss. She is great at using the singing bowls to guide you deeper into the experience of cacao. Her passion for her work shines through. She is committed to showing up as her highest self during the class, and this ensures a beautiful energy in the room. I highly recommend her classes if you are interested in experiencing the magic of cacao and sound healing.” – Munirah

"Eye-opening, and the experience was magical!" We went for an intimate Couple's Cacao Therapy session the other day. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a romantic 2-hour session with their partner. It is beautiful and amazing. Give your loved one a surprise today!” - Ais Sarah

“I love every cacao session as every experience opens my heart & creates a new possibility with the stuff I am stopping or blocking. I feel super relaxed. I love how Pei Ying creates a loving & positive space to allow me to discover my higher spiritual self. I have been sharing this with my friends, encouraging them to try and experience themselves, and they have enjoyed it too.” - Meiying

Want to connect with Pei Ying?

You can reach Pei Ying through her Facebook@Pei Ying and Instagram@peiyingchew1030 pages, as well as her website www.cacaosingapore.com.

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