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"Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony"

- Keith, the Chocolate Shaman

Do you feel the call to become a Cacao Practitioner?

Have you been called to share Cacao and don’t know where or how to begin?

Do you want to feel more confident when you talk about Ceremonial Cacao?

Do you wish to deepen your personal practice, so you feel more authentic and in integrity as you share Cacao?

Would you like a safe place to ask questions and be supported by an experienced Cacao community?


What to expect inside The Power of Cacao

Practitioner Training:

100% Online Learning

Access the largest repository of Ceremonial Cacao information on the internet.

Attend live weekly class sessions on Zoom led by our team of trained course facilitators who are experienced Cacao practitioners

Start anytime!

Rolling enrolment allows you to start whenever it works for you.

Classes repeat every 7 weeks, so if you miss one, you can attend another class that week or make up for it in the next round. 

Join a Global Cacao Practitioner Community

Join the largest community of Cacao practitioners from around the globe! Once a Certified Cacao Practitioner access our weekly Practitioner calls, become a member of our private Cacao Practitioner Facebook Community and receive exclusive discounts and offers on Cacao and Cacao-related experiences!

Most Recognized Cacao Practitioner Certification

Become a Certified Cacao Practitioner with the most recognized Cacao program available. Equip yourself with the confidence, practical experience and knowledge to share Cacao in your unique way.

Deepen Your Connection with Cacao

Becoming a Cacao Practitioner will guide you deeper in your personal relationship with Cacao, allowing you to find your unique way to share this medicine with the world!

Cacao Discounts & Exclusive Offers

Get wholesale rates on Keith's Cacao and access exclusive offers and discounts available to our Practitioner community only!

A peek inside the program...

Course Overview:

Be in your joy as you drink in the lessons of cacao.

-Nicole Gnutzman, Director of Course Design for Keith’s Cacao

Register for The Power of Cacao and receive:

 • Two pounds of 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao from Keith’s Cacao

• Access our online content library – the most definitive Cacao content on the Internet

• Access to live class sessions led by our team of trained course facilitators who are experienced Cacao practitioners

• Cacao ritual and deep conversations each week (for 7 weeks) for 1+ hour of sharing, learning and community

• Participation in a Practicum where you and fellow student practitioners share Cacao

• Access to our global, private Cacao Practitioner Facebook Community: a place where you can ask cacao-related questions; attend our Cacao Practitioner Community Calls; and learn from experienced Cacao Practitioners

• A Certificate of Completion and become a Certified Cacao Practitioner with Keith’s Cacao to receive discounts on Cacao, offerings and other courses and ongoing access to our ongoing community

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