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Avoid Holiday Stress: Set Your Intentions With Ceremonial Cacao

As we move into the Festive Season, how is your heart feeling? This time of year can stir up various emotions and energies. Alongside the love, gratitude, and celebration, there is often stress, pressure, and messy entanglements. It's easy to get caught up in the buzz, cram our calendar with social gatherings, overeat, overdrink, and overwhelm ourselves. The more we get drawn into unrealistic and emotionally charged expectations, the more we become witnesses to the surge of old emotions and patterns.

So, how can we approach Christmas differently this year? The solution is easy. We have a tool in our quiver that can help us put a twist on our favorite holiday traditions and approach the festive season in a clear, intentional manner. With Keith's Cacao as our ally, we can stay anchored in the space of our hearts instead of feeling stressed.

Create an Intentional Festive Season with Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao can gently and naturally open the heart, making it a great way to create a peaceful and intentional holiday season. The Spirit of Cacao provides us with the medicine our soul requires in the present moment without forcing us to confront anything we are not ready for.

So, let's get cozy with a cup of Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao and reimagine the Christmas experience. We can nurture our hearts and homes while keeping our focus on what truly matters, creating a thoughtful, peaceful, joy-filled, and intentional festive season. The best way to begin is to clarify our intentions and set them.

Christmas on Cacao - A Heart-Led Holiday Season

A warm cup of Keith's Cacao contains both the love and bliss chemicals -the chocolate amphetamine and neurotransmitters that travel to our brain to activate feelings of bliss. And it is traditionally consumed by sitting in an intentional, sacred way.

Savoring every sip and connecting to this powerful plant medicine helps us set our intentions from a centered place, allowing us to anchor into our truth so that we can experience the Festive Season in a whole new way. When we're clear on our intentions and deliberate in how we show up, invitations to overindulge or participate in old family dramas won't affect us anymore or as much.

After connecting with the Spirit of Cacao and setting intentions for the Festive Season, here are a few ideas for staying committed and swapping out unhealthy behaviors for a heart-led holiday.

1. Set aside time each day to connect with your cup of Ceremonial Cacao.

2. Nourish your soul with a daily practice of meditation, breathing exercises, and getting into nature. If it's hard to find the time, remember that even a few minutes count, so make it a priority.

3. Create time and space to dedicate your energy to what really matters. Choose what you take into your body, heart, and mind.

4. Give yourself and others grace. Arrive compassionately and understand that the Festive Season can bring up much more than meets the eye.

5. Swap alcohol-centered gatherings with Cacao sharing instead. Give family members and friends the gift of an open heart—and feel the difference!

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